Bridge & Tunnel Environmental Initiatives

Photo of the lights on the George Washington Bridge

The Port Authority's six bridges and tunnels connect tens of millions of commuters to their workplaces and homes every year. We are committed to making those facilities as environmentally responsible as possible.

LED Necklace Lighting on the GWB

We are replacing the decorative bridge necklace lighting of the George Washington Bridge with customized, energy efficient light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. The project is being carried out through the Port Authority's long-term energy services agreement with the New York Power Authority (NYPA).

Holland Tunnel Administrative Building Green Roof

The Port Authority owns and operates the Holland Tunnel New Jersey Administrative Building, which houses approximately 20 employees, and contains administrative and police offices, an emergency garage, and the communications desk. The roof of the building (approximately 3,300 square feet) was identified and evaluated as being appropriate for a green roofing system that would offer the Port Authority numerous benefits, including cost savings associated with decreased energy use, improved water runoff quality, extended life of the roof, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

The roof was found to be structurally sound with the appropriate loading capacity, slope, drainage, solar orientation and access to maintain a green roof system. The Port Authority decided to use this roof for a green roof pilot project. In the fall of 2014, the Port Authority installed and completed a 1,300 square foot green roof, which is composed of vegetated trays, on the building,. The roof will provide both energy and environmental benefits including reduced energy use, reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced storm water management.

LED lighting in the Holland Tunnel

We are also developing customized LED fixtures for the Holland Tunnel. This too is through the NYPA. LED lighting is also being considered for the Lincoln Tunnel and the Staten Island Bridges.

Boiler Control Demonstration Project

We are currently planning a demonstration project at the Holland Tunnel. The project uses computer-controlled heating system economizers that reduce fuel consumption by at least 10 percent, reduce wear on parts, and reduce emissions by 40-50 percent. If the demonstration is successful, the PA will identify other facilities that could benefit from the devices.


Want a greener commute? No problem.

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