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In 2008, through the Port Authority Sustainability Policy, we embarked on a long-term initiative to reduce the global warming impacts of our airports, seaports, bridges and tunnels. We've committed to the region that we will implement alternative energy solutions with the ultimate goal of significantly reducing our carbon emissions.

Our work has commenced, and now we' re looking to encourage the millions of customers who use our facilities each year to help make an important environmental contribution of their own.

We have collaborated with Native Energy and CantorCO2e to develop a Carbon Calculator that allows you to both calculate your travel carbon footprint and access carbon offsets that are third-party verified against credible standards. The Carbon Calculator is a way for you to invest in green projects in the region that will help combat climate change.

Here's how it works: Your travel carbon footprint represents emissions that you are responsible for based on the miles you drive in your car, or the bus, plane or train miles you use for travel. You can calculate your footprint based on your mode of travel by using our new carbon calculator. Once you calculate your footprint, you can reduce or neutralize your impact on pollution by purchasing offsets from our partner, Native Energy.

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