Vol. 5, No. 4, May 25, 2010
Port Authority Chairman Re-elected and Vice-Chair Elected
At its meeting on May 18, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners re-elected Anthony R. Coscia as Chairman and Stanley E. Grayson was elected Vice-Chairman.

Hon. Anthony R. Coscia

Hon. Stanley E. Grayson
U.S. Secretary of Transportation LaHood Announces Members of Future Aviation Industry
Ray LaHood announced the members of a new committee on the future of the U.S. aviation industry, which will hold its first meeting on May 25 in Washington. Read more.
Public Meetings
Visit panynj.info to view minutes and board actions from previous Port Authority Board of Commissioners meetings, and the Web cast from the May 18 board and committee meetings.
Did You Know?
Airport Info-Alerts is a free subscription service that notifies customers of airport weather delays, parking lot capacity, and AirTrain service delays. You can
sign up by visiting the
Port Authority’s Web site.
State-of-the-Art Safety “Cocoon” Installed at One World Trade Center

Adding to its extensive safety initiatives during construction of The World Trade Center site, the Port Authority has completed the installation of a first-of-its-kind perimeter protection system - known as a "cocoon" - around One World Trade Center. It is the first time a cocoon has been installed on a steel superstructure in New York City.

In addition to making it safer for the workers on site and the public below, the cocoon will provide messaging to identify the tower so motorists, pedestrians and visitors will know what they are viewing behind the fence.

The cocoon consists of four floors of steel framed netting and an additional 16 floors of fire resistant protective netting. The frame will be attached to the building and rise with the construction.

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See additional photos and WTC updates at WTCProgress.com.

Port Authority Board Approves Purchase & Redevelopment of Greenville Yards, Including a
Barge-to-Rail Facility to Take Trucks Off the Road

The Port Authority Board of Commissioners, at its May 18 meeting, authorized the agency to move ahead with the purchase and redevelopment of Greenville Yards, a century-old rail yard in Jersey City, N.J. It will serve as the lynchpin to removing up to 360,000 trash trucks annually from trans-Hudson crossings and New Jersey highways by moving New York City's sealed containerized solid waste and other commodities by barge and rail when appropriate facilities are completed by 2013.

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Public/Private Partnership for Goethals Bridge Replacement

The Port Authority is seeking information from potential private sector financers of a project to rebuild the Goethals Bridge, which runs between Elizabeth, NJ, and Staten Island, NY. The authority issued a “Request for Information” on May 12 for interested parties to provide perspective and feedback on a proposed future solicitation to design, build, finance and maintain a replacement for the more than 80-year-old bridge. This is the first time that the Port Authority has sought a private-public partnership for the construction of this type of regional infrastructure. Responses to the request for information are due in early June.