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The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is charged with the responsibility to plan and build the landmark projects that support economic growth today and tomorrow.

An important part of our mission is keeping the public, and especially you, the people who live and work in this dynamic region, informed of the efforts that are being taken by the Port Authority and our partners toward those goals.


The Monthly Economic Indicator report is designed to provide economists and analysts a timely and comprehensive picture of activity on the agency's multi-modal transportation system and the 18-county regional economy. To receive this newsletter via email, please contact

SALT flight? Not so fast!
(November 2019)

The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act: Some Early Findings
(October 2019)

The Changing Nature of Regional Logistics
(September 2019)

The Resilient Port!
(August 2019)

Summer in the Suburbs, Part I: Long Island’s Economic Indicators
(July 2019)

Real Estate: Boom or Bust?
(June 2019)

The Resurgence of Household Debt
(May 2019)

Moving More, Emitting Less
(April 2019)

Valuing Our Transit Infrastructure
(March 2019)

Passing Gas: The loss of Gas Stations in Manhattan
(February 2019)

2020: An end to the expansion?
(January 2019)

A Bridge Too Far
(December 2018)

Why the Decline? Examining the region's transit ridership
(November 2018)

Wind Power and New York: a Love Story
(October 2018)

Quantifying the Region's Gig Economy
(September 2018)

Breaking from the Herd: How behavioral science can change peak travel congestion
(August 2018)

Quantified: the cost of facility shutdowns and the Port Authority’s role in the regional economy
(July 2018)

Evolution of the Regional Logistics Industry:
From "Just in time" to "right now" to "too late"
(June 2018)

Need a Nudge?
(May 2018)

The U.S Truck Driver Shortage
(April 2018)

China and a New Trade War
(March 2018)

Don’t fear the Reaper
(February 2018)

Critical Juncture for the Garden State
(January 2018)

New Jersey Transportation Funding...Revisited
(December 2017)

NYC Accessible Transportation?
(November 2017)

Too much SALT?
(October 2017)

Staying Afloat: Container Shipping Trends
(September 2017)

Game on: How can commuters be incentivized to travel off-peak?
(August 2017)

Auto Loans: The Next Financial Bubble?
(July 2017)

Vehicle Miles Traveled... revisited
(June 2017)

Construction Boom in the Region: A Story of Seperate Markets
(May 2017)

Manhattan Retail: Boom and Bust!
(April 2017)

NYC Tourism: An Economic Growth Engine Under Pressure?
(March 2017)

How would trade barriers on Mexican goods affect the PA Region?
(February 2017)

Trade: A New Era of Protectionism?
(January 2017)

Structural Economic Problems will remain with us in 2017
and beyond
(December 2016)

Transportation Investments in the Region
(November 2016)

Transportation Investments in the Region
(October 2016)

Close to Home
(September 2016)

Weak economic growth but strong transportation activity
(August 2016)

Overseas Visitors Drive Regional Airports’ Growth
(July 2016)

Ferries - the story on the Hudson
(June 2016)

BREXIT: What does it mean for the Region?
(May 2016)

New York City's Population Boom
(April 2016)

2015: A Year of Records!
(March 2016)

New York's Construction Boom
(February 2016)

An Uncertain Outlook for 2016
(January 2016)

An interesting year
(December 2015)

Autos and Access to Work
(November 2015)

What is your market basket?
(October 2015)

World Trade Slows But NY‐NJ Is Humming
(September 2015)

Stormy Global Seas ahead?
(August 2015)

The Sharing Economy: Impacts and Trends
(July 2015)

Getting to the Airport
(June 2015)

Trading Places: A Brief History of Global Export Patterns
(May 2015)

Construction Costs on the Rise?
(April 2015)

Airline Ticket Prices Stick While Oil Prices Slide
(March 2015)

At Last, Economy Hits the Gas
(February 2015)

Millennials Move to the Cities
(January 2015)

Monthly Economic Indicators Year in Review 2014
(December 2014)

Business Dynamism Nationally and Regionally
(November 2014)

Transit and the Evolving Payment Landscape
(October 2014)

Lower Ticket Prices and Bigger Planes: The Change of the New York Premium
(September 2014)

Why Fewer Trucks?
(August 2014)

Emerging Diversification in Manhattan's White Collar Employment
(July 2014)

Transportation in a Sharing Economy
(June 2014)

Deflating The Housing Bubble
(May 2014)

The Need for a Regional Goods Movement Program
(April 2014)

Improved Employment Conditions in 2013
(March 2014)

Another Year, Another Drought, but No Crisis … Yet
(February 2014)

Housing: Critical to Growth in 2014
(January 2014)

Archived Podcast Episodes

Episode 43
Trade Wars, Economic Resilience and the Port of NY & NJ

Episode 42
Job Trends in Long Island

Episode 41
Real Estate: Boom or Bust?

Episode 40
An Eye on Household Debt

Episode 39
Regional Economic Outlook

Episode 38
The Vanishing Gas Station

Episode 37
Urban and Rural Spending: A Bridge Too Far

Episode 36
A Look Ahead: 2019 and Beyond

Episode 35
Why the decline in transit ridership

Episode 34
Wind Power and New York: A Love Story

Episode 33
Measuring the Gig Economy

Episode 32
Climate Change and the Economics of Resilience

Episode 31
Regional Construction and Housing Prices; a Chat With NYC EDC

Episode 30
Big Jump in Regional Warehousing. What's Up?

Episode 29
Accessibility and Transit in New York City

Episode 28
Resilience, Ports and the Supply Chain

Episode 27
Data, Transportation and the Public Sector

Episode 26
Data Analysis and New York New Jersey Rail

Episode 25
Taxes and the State and Local Deduction

Episode 24
Behavioral Economics and Transportation

Episode 23
Econ Insight

Episode 22
Stewart International Airport: past, present and future.

Episode 21
Redeveloping LaGuardia Airport!

Episode 20

Episode 19
New York City's population boom

Episode 18
2015 and Record Activity at PANYNJ Facilities

Episode 17
Metro New York and the 2015 Construction Boom

Episode 16
Goods Movement Action Program (G-MAP)

Episode 15
Performance and the Port of New York and New Jersey

Episode 14
Housing and the Metro New York Economy

Episode 13
Stewart International Airport and the 2015 New York Air Show

Episode 12
The Sharing Economy: Impacts and Trends

Episode 11
The Hudson-Raritan Estuary Resources Program

Episode 10
Maps and GIS in Planning

Episode 9
Sustainability and Resiliency in Transportation

Episode 8
Open Payment Systems and Transit

Episode 7
The Strategic Value of the PA Ferries

Episode 6
Truck Activity in the Trans-Hudson Region

Episode 5
The Rise of the Sharing Economy

Episode 4
Deflating the Housing Bubble

Episode 3
Conversation with Dr. Alexander Heil

Episode 2
BLS Benchmark Revisions Show Improved
Employment Conditions in 2013

Episode 1
Will a Record Drought in California Affect Retail Food Prices?

Tax Reform - Early Findings

Episode 44

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