Rules and Policies

A close-up photo of AirTrain Newark.

In order to make travel safe, clean and comfortable for everyone, there are some rules and policies to keep in mind. 

Eating & Drinking

Eating, smoking and drinking are not permitted at any time, anywhere in the AirTrain system.


You are welcome to bring the following:

  • Baggage
  • Luggage carts
  • Strollers
  • Guide dogs and other service animals
  • Small domestic animals in secure carriers.  (We recommend that you check with NJ Transit or Amtrak regarding their policies.)
  • Smarte Cartes (They can be picked up and dropped off at the airline terminals. They will not be allowed through the fare gates at the AirTrain Newark stations. You may take Smarte Cartes into the parking lots.)
  • Airport luggage carts are allowed on AirTrain, but are not permitted on escalators.
  • Bicycles  (There are no time restrictions imposed on bicycles, and bicycle permits are not required. Only two bicycles per train are permitted at a time. Bicycle groups of five or more must notify AirTrain Operations. AirTrain reserves the right to designate trains where bicycles will be permitted.
    Bicycles must remain in the custody of the bicyclists, who are responsible for their safekeeping and must secure them so they do not pose a hazard to other passengers. Bicycles on AirTrain cars must be kept clear from doors at all times. The kickstand of the bicycle must remain up at all times.  Bicyclists must move their bicycles, if necessary, to permit mobility of other customers.
    Bicycle riding on platforms, in station areas or while in a train is prohibited. Bicycles are not permitted on escalators.
    Bicyclists must comply with instructions from AirTrain crew, agents, customer service and/or police and fire department personnel.


To report suspicious activity, call (800)-828-PAPD (7273).  AirTrain stations feature emergency/general information phones and public pay phones.


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