Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging your electric vehicle at LaGuardia Airport is easy.

  • Five EV charging stations are available in Lot P2, Ground Level at LGA’s Terminal B.
  • They are tied into Chargepoint, the largest EV charging network in the U.S.
  • Access the station with an RFID enabled credit card or Chargepoint access card.
  • Electricity is provided free of charge.
  • All parking lot fees will be collected when you exit the lot.
  • The chargers are capable of taking a vehicle from empty to a full charge in 12-24 hours at Level I and four to six  hours at Level II. For reference, Level I charging provides the same electric current as a standard household plug (115V) and provides a slower charge for vehicles, often referred to as “trickle charging.” Level II charging features an upgraded charging unit with a 240V connection, capable of charging vehicles two to six times faster than a Level I charger. All of our stations are Level II capable.

Sign up for access at www.chargepoint.net. Electric vehicle chargers are also available at Kennedy International’s Yellow Lot, Ground Level by Terminal 5.

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