Termination & Deactivation Process

Company participation in the Airport Security ID Card program is contingent on having a continuous business requirement for access to Secured or Sterile Areas of the airport(s). It is the responsibility of airport employees and Issuing Officers to account for and safeguard Airport Security ID Cards. The individual(s) must follow the PA-required procedures to deactivate his or her access media if:

  • An employee has a permanent or temporary break in service
  • If the Airport Security ID Card is lost or stolen
  • If the Airport Security ID Card is no longer required

Terminating/Suspending Access

Employees who leave the company or are transferred off-site must return their Airport Security ID Card to their Issuing Officer within one (1) business day. The Issuing Officer is responsible for submitting an Security Identification Card Renewals, Replacements, Revisions & Cancellations Form.

SIDA Disposition Application Guide

Lost Airport Security ID Card

If an Airport Security ID Card is lost or stolen, the employee is required to notify the Airport Security ID Office and his/her Issuing Officer immediately. Outside of normal business hours, the employee should immediately contact Port Authority Operations at the airport they are employed.

Stolen Airport Security ID Card

Upon learning of the employee’s lost or stolen Airport Security ID, the Issuing Officer must immediately submit a disposition form and a police report if applicable.

If there is an emergency to suspend the Airport Security ID Card, the Issuing Officer must immediately contact the Airport Security ID Office. If the office is closed, please call the airport’s Port Authority Operations.

For all fees associated with Lost or Stolen Airport Security ID Cards, please click here.

Failure to comply with the airport security procedures and responsibilities may result in Airport Security ID Card revocation at any time.

Call Port Authority Police for:

JFK Emergencies:
(718) 244-4333

Newark and Teterboro Emergencies:
(973) 961-6666

LaGuardia Emergencies:
(718) 533-3911

For Anonymous Tips:
(800) 828-7273

Call New York State Police for:

Stewart Emergencies:
(845) 567-9257


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