Teterboro Industry Working Group

A photo of two Port Authority Police Fire Rescue trucks at Teterboro Airport.

In 2006, a diverse group of aviation industry professionals formed the Teterboro Airport Industry Working Group. The group’s mission is to proactively address the interests of both the aviation community and airport neighbors and to offer practical and workable local solutions that address the unique nature of Teterboro Airport.

The group is comprises of experienced aviation experts representing Teterboro’s fixed base operators, airport users, tenants, and national and local aviation industry associations. It is also the first all-industry group to step forward to work with the Port Authority and U.S. Congressman Steve Rothman to address community concerns.

Teterboro Industry Working Group's Pledge to the Community

In 2006, the TEB Industry Working Group developed the " Pledge to the Community" program.  Since its inception, more than 300 signatories have joined the program. More importantly, since October 2006, Stage II operations have dropped by 43 percent and nighttime operations have declined by 16 percent.


The pledge program continues to enable the aviation and local communities to resolve concerns. We strongly encourage your participation in the program to ensure that all interested parties can continue to thrive in a safe and secure manner.

The program has five core pledges:

  1. A voluntary ban of Stage-II aircraft operations.
  2. A voluntary curfew on nonessential nighttime operations between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  3. No operation of aircraft exceeding 100,000 pounds
  4. Make TEB a model for the safest general aviation airport in the nation
  5. A pledge to enhance and refine the security procedures already in place at TEB and support the airport in its ultimate goal of becoming the industry's security model for general aviation airports

Learn more about the TEB Industry Working Group.

If you are a flight crew or flight department interested in signing on to this voluntary program, please contact:

Teterboro Airport Noise Abatement and Compliance Office
90 Moonachie Ave.
Teterboro, NJ 07608
(201) 393-0399


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