Noise Abatement

A photo of aircraft in front of a Teterboro Airport hangar.

Noise-Abatement Programs and Procedures

Because of Teterboro's location in Bergen County, New Jersey, only 12 miles away from New York City, questions often arise about times of aircraft operation, noise associated with the airport and booking flights on aircraft.  The following should help clarify some of these questions.

Teterboro Airport is a general aviation reliever airport. 

As a reliever airport, Teterboro’s goal is to remove the smaller and slower aircraft from the regional air traffic that would cause major congestion at commercial airports.

The mandatory Noise Rules for TEB are as follows:

  • 80 dB(A) departure limit on Runway 24 from 2200 to 0700 local
  • 90 dB(A) departure limit on Runway 24 from 0700 to 2200 local
  • 95 dB(A) departure limit on Runways 01, 19 and 06 at all times
  • 95 dB(A) departure limit for helicopters at all times

If an aircraft exceeds an applicable decibel limit by more than 1.0 dB(A) of the limit, a noise violation is issued. A noise violation stays on the record for two years. An aircraft will be banned from the airport if it receives three noise violations within a two-year period.

Teterboro is also involved in a program that includes voluntary restraints, which effect aircraft operations. We ask operators if it all possible to abide by these voluntary pledges:

  • No operation of Stage II aircraft at any time
  • No operations of ANY aircraft between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

If an operator does not abide by the voluntary restraints, they operator receives a letter informing them that the program is in place, that their operation did not meet program requirements, and reminding them that only essential flights should be conducted during the restraint period.

Please consult NOTAMS and the FAA for the most current flight and operational information.

Please click here to electronically file a noise complaint, or call the Teterboro Airport Noise Hotline at 800-225-1071 or 201-288-8828.

To access information on the Teterboro Aircraft Noise Abatement Advisory Committee (TANAAC), click on the link below:

Learn more about TANAAC

For reference and information only, the following documents are also available:


CBP Pilot Briefing Sheet

Effective March 7, 2013 the Dalton 19 departure is now the Dalton 2. Click the
link below for a full description of the changes to the procedure as well as the
chart graphic.

TEB Flight Crew Handbook

Dalton 2 Departure Route

Noise Abatement Charts

Helicopter Routes


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