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The Port Authority and Teterboro Airport have taken an active role in the community, developing a series of programs aimed at being a good neighbor.

Aircraft Noise

Teterboro Airport is one of a handful of airports with an enforceable and stringent noise limitation program. Teterboro Airport’s program became effective in 1987, three years before the 1990 Aircraft Noise and Capacity Act. This act severely limits an airport’s ability to restrict aircraft based solely on subjective noise criteria.

Under Teterboro’s program, if an aircraft receives three noise violations within a two-year period, it is prohibited from using Teterboro. When the permanent noise monitoring system was installed, a unique committee, the Teterboro Aircraft Noise Abatement Advisory Committee (TANAAC), consisting of the airport operator, federal, state and local elected officials, FAA representatives and airport users, was formed to oversee noise abatement. This group has served as an example for other airports to follow, proving that airports can co-exist and be sensitive to the needs of their surrounding neighborhoods. Click here to access the TANAAC webpage.

Soundproofing Schools

Since 1983, nearly $400 million in federal and Port Authority funds have been committed to soundproofing 77 schools in communities surrounding Port Authority airports. As part of this voluntary program, the Port Authority has committed the funding and scheduled soundproofing measures for six schools near Teterboro Airport: H. P. Becton High School, Bergen County Vocational School, Jackson Avenue School, Memorial School, St. Francis School and Sylvan School.

TEB 5K Run

Teterboro sponsors an annual 5K "Runway" Run to benefit the Bergen County United Way. Local baseball, softball and soccer leagues are also supported by the airport and its employees through on-site playing fields.

TEB Community Benefit Fund

The airport community also sponsors an annual Golf Scholarship Tournament to raise funds for local high school seniors to use towards their continuing education in the fields of aviation and aerospace, engineering, environmental studies, mathematics, physics, chemistry and science.

Earth Day

Each year on Earth Day, the airport community reaches out in some fashion to the neighboring towns to help plant trees, clean up roadside trash and waste, provide recycling opportunities, and promote green practices. For more information or to suggest ideas for the future, please contact the Airport Manager’s Office. 

Career EXPO

In early May of each year, Teterboro Airport hosts its annual "Career and Education Expo" for the communities in and around Teterboro Airport and Bergen County. The Expo is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about aviation-related careers. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spearheads the Expo with the assistance of the aircraft operators and tenants of Teterboro Airport, North Jersey Ninety Nines (organization of women pilots), federal agencies, private pilots, and a host of other businesses, organizations and countless volunteers. The program consists of exhibits, demonstrations, flight simulations, tours, static aircraft displays and a lunchtime program. This event is open to students in High School. For information on future Career Expos, please contact Rick VanderWende at 201-807-4017.

Teterboro Industry Working Group

In 2006, a diverse group of aviation industry professionals formed the Teterboro Airport Industry Working Group. The group’s mission is to proactively address the interests of both the aviation community and airport neighbors and to offer practical and workable local solutions that address the unique nature of Teterboro Airport.
The group is comprises of experienced aviation experts representing Teterboro’s fixed base operators, airport users, tenants, and national and local aviation industry associations. It is also the first all-industry group to step forward to work with the Port Authority and U.S. Congressman Steve Rothman to address community concerns.

Teterboro Industry Working Group's Pledge to the Community

In 2006, the TEB Industry Working Group developed the " Pledge to the Community" program.  Since its inception, more than 300 signatories have joined the program. More importantly, since October 2006, Stage II operations have dropped by 43 percent and nighttime operations have declined by 16 percent.
 The pledge program continues to enable the aviation and local communities to resolve concerns. We strongly encourage your participation in the program to ensure that all interested parties can continue to thrive in a safe and secure manner.

The program has five core pledges:

  1. A voluntary ban of Stage-II aircraft operations.
  2. A voluntary curfew on nonessential nighttime operations between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  3. No operation of aircraft exceeding 100,000 pounds
  4. Make TEB a model for the safest general aviation airport in the nation
  5. A pledge to enhance and refine the security procedures already in place at TEB and support the airport in its ultimate goal of becoming the industry's security model for general aviation airports

Learn more about the TEB Industry Working Group

If you are a flight crew or flight department interested in signing on to this voluntary program, please contact:

Teterboro Airport Noise Abatement and Compliance Office
90 Moonachie Ave.
Teterboro, NJ 07608
(201) 393-0399


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