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Photo of the tiling within the Lincoln Tunnel, designating the state line between New York and New Jersey.
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George Washington Bridge

Photo of the span of the George Washington Bridge.

Connects upper Manhattan and Fort Lee, NJ. This iconic Hudson crossing is the busiest bridge in the world. It is used by more than 106 million vehicles a year as well as countless bikers and pedestrians.

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Holland Tunnel

Photo of the Holland Tunnel toll booths.

Connects lower Manhattan and Jersey City, NJ. This landmark tunnel continues to be emulated by engineers around the world and is used by more than 34 millions vehicles a year.

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Lincoln Tunnel

Photo of the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Connects midtown Manhattan and Weehawken, NJ. This engineering marvel is actually three tunnels and took over 20 years to complete. It is used by nearly 42 million vehicles a year.

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Bayonne Bridge

Photo of the span of the Bayonne Bridge.

Connects Staten Island, NY, and Bayonne, NJ. This steel arch bridge is one of the world's longest of its kind, with a majestic 1,675-foot central span. It sees more than seven million vehicles cross over it, and countless tons of cargo cruise under it every year.

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Goethals Bridge

Photo of the suspension cables of the Goethals Bridge.

The bridge is a critical crossing between Staten Island and New Jersey that provides a key link for 28 million commuter and commercial vehicles a year. Named in honor of Major General George W. Goethals, the Port Authority's first consulting engineer.

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Outerbridge Crossing

Photo of a car approaching the Outerbridge Crossing.

Connects Staten Island, NY, and Perth Amboy, NJ.  This bridge, along with the Goethals, was one of the first built by the Port Authority and is named for the Port Authority's first chairman, not an "outer bridge." It is used by more than 30 million vehicles a year.

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NJ Dept of Transportation Work
Beginning 4/12/14

Northbound Route 1&9
travel lanes closed for 24 months

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National Distracted Driving
Awareness Month
April 2014

On the Road, Off the Phone

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