Preliminary Bid Results

Preliminary Bid Opening Results are posted on this site as raw price data, and are subject to further verification and validation for responsiveness and other evaluations. The listed apparent low bidder may not be the vendor awarded the contract. Note: These preliminary bid opening results are not listed in Bid/RFP sort order.

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Bid Due Date Contract Title/Solicitation Description
44303 19-Nov-2015

Oil, Hydraulic Biodegradable, (Vegetable Based) – Three (3) Year Requirements Contract for PATH

44307 19-Nov-2015

Rock Salts and Ice Melts, Furnish and Deliver in Bags for a Sixteen (16) Month Requirements Contract Period to Various Port Authority Warehouses Located in New York and New Jersey

44084 16-Nov-2015

Roadway Machine Sweeping at the Port Authority New Jersey Marine Terminals; Port Newark, Port Elizabeth and Port Jersey

44148 13-Nov-2015

Inspection, Maintenance and Supplies for X-Ray Processors located at the New York Office of Medical Services – Three (3) Year Requirements Contract

44063 10-Nov-2015

Remote Racking Systems to Remove and Insert Circuits Breakers for Switchgear per PATH Specifications

43988 03-Nov-2015

Boat Parts and Equipment – Two (2) Year Requirements Contract

44006 30-Oct-2015

Supply and Deliver Assorted Vests in Accordance with Specifications  – Two (2) Year Contract

44012 29-Oct-2015

Refuse Removal, Recycling and Disposal Services and Transfer Station Services for LaGuardia Airport – Two (2) Year Contract

43964 26-Oct-2015

Perform Inspections, Testing, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Repairs of the Tower Elevator Systems at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s George Washington Bridge

43512 26-Oct-2015

Repair and Restoration of PATH's PA-5 Railcar 5784

43832 20-Oct-2015

HVAC Maintenance, Repair and Emergency Service for Various Chiller Units located at the Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant, Building 46, at Newark Liberty International Airport – Three-Year Contract

43878 15-Oct-2015

Framing Services at the Port Authority Technical Center – Two (2) Year Requirements Contract

43900 15-Oct-2015

Manhole Covers and Frames – One (1) Year Requirements Contract

43748 07-Oct-2015

Supply and Deliver Hamm Roller and Felling Trailer – (CAD) Central Automotive Division

43770 06-Oct-2015

Supply and Deliver Natural Loam Soil to LaGuardia Airport – Two (2) Year Requirements Contract

43762 05-Oct-2015

Re-Bid Perform Elevator and Escalator Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, and Rehabilitation Services at PATH’s New York and New Jersey Stations for Three (3) Year Contract Period

43799 02-Oct-2015

Refuse Removal, Recycling and Disposal Services at the New Jersey Marine Terminals Sign Shop – Two (2) Year Contract

43065 23-Sep-2015

Multi-Facility Maintenance of Access Control Systems and Closed Circuit Television System

43633 23-Sep-2015

Cleaning and Disposal of Waste Material from Sumps, Catch Basins, Manholes, Scuppers, Drainage Pipes and Related Appurtenances located at the Lincoln Tunnel and Staten Island Bridges located in New York and New Jersey – Two-Year Contract

43530 17-Sep-2015

Re-Bid: Assembly Gear Unit – PATH Harrison Stockroom

43587 16-Sep-2015

Electrical and Building Operations and Maintenance Services at the Teleport and Bathgate Industrial Park

43474 10-Sep-2015

Electrical Splice Barrel Compressions Connectors for PATH Rail System

43345 09-Sep-2015

HVAC Maintenance Services at Various Port Authority Facilities in New York

43311 31-Aug-2015

Trash Pumps

Note: These services may be federally funded in whole or in part.
43313 31-Aug-2015

Supply and Deliver Hardware, Lumber and Related Items

43285 21-Aug-2015

Cylindrical Roller Bearings for PATH PA-5 Railcar Gear Unit

43210 20-Aug-2015

Assembly Gear Unit – PATH Harrison Stockroom

43113 06-Aug-2015

Rental of Portable Toilets for Special Events at Newark Liberty International Airport on an As-Needed Basis

42835 09-Jul-2015

Supply and Deliver Automotive Decals – Four (4) Year Requirements Contract

42356 07-Jul-2015

Design, Fabricate, Deliver and Install In-Ground Lifts at the Harrison Car Maintenance Facility

Note: These services may be federally funded in whole or in part.
42535 11-Jun-2015

Exterior Railcar Cleaner – Two (2) Year Requirements Contract

42556 3-Jun-2015

JFK Customer Initiative Program – Bottled Water Requirement Contract

42435 26-May-2015

Contact Rail Coverboard, Southern Yellow Pine, per PATH Technical Specifications

42268 22-May-2015

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Dyed Fuel – Two-year Requirements Contract

42390 21-May-2015

RE-BID: Bonded Insulated Joint Plug - PATH

42142 14-May-2015

Refuse Removal, Recycling and Disposal Services at the Staten Island Bridge Facilities, Port Ivory and the Teleport

42251 14-May-2015

Microelettrica Line Contactor Parts – PATH

42143 11-May-2015

Supply and Deliver Fire Extinguishers to Various Port Authority Locations in NY and NJ - Two-year Requirements Contract

42071 08-May-2015

Cleaning of Catch Basins, Drains and Sump Pump Pits Located at the Port Authority New York Marine Terminals, Brooklyn, NY and Howland Hook, Staten Island, NY

42035 30-April-2015

Steel and Polyethylene Drums – Two (2) Year Requirements Contract

42055 28-Apr-2015

Electrical and Building Operations and Maintenance Services at the Teleport and Bathgate Industrial Park

42023 28-Apr-2015

Electrical Cable Three Types: 500 MCM-5KV Triplexed, and 350MCM-5KV Triplexed, and 2/0-4AWG to be Furnished and Delivered on Non-Returnable Steel Reels per Port Authority Cable Specifications

42001 28-Apr-2015

Saft Battery Sets for PATH PA4 Railcars

41786 23-Apr-2015

NTN Bearing Parts - PATH


Bid Due Date Contract Title/Solicitation Description
PAT-645 04-Nov-2015

PATH – Asbestos and Lead Remediation via Work Order

GWB-564 04-Nov-2015

George Washington Bridge – Facility Wide Priority Rehabilitation

MFA-924.283 02-Nov-2015

Newark Liberty International Airport and Teterboro Airport – Asphalt Concrete Pavement Repairs via Work Order

EWR-924.282 30-Oct-2015

Newark Liberty International Airport – General Airport Signage via Work Order

HT-224.116 30-Oct-2015

Holland Tunnel – Concrete Repairs at Air Supply Ports

GWB-566 27-Oct-2015

George Washington Bridge – Temporary SEMAC Relocation

PAT-024.069 27-Oct-2015

PATH – 30th Street Mezzanine Rehabilitation

PAT-643 – Work Order No. 3 23-Oct-2015

New York and New Jersey Facilities – Replacement of Ties Plates and Associated Work in Tunnels G, H, J, K, E & F Between Portal and Newport Station

GWB-924.092 20-Oct-2015

George Washington Bridge – Improvements to Bruce Reynolds Boulevard

GWB-924.159 20-Oct-2015

George Washington Bridge – New Jersey Administration Building Hot Water/Chilled Water Piping Replacement 

EWR-154.184 15-Oct-2015

Newark Liberty International Airport – Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant Substation and Pumps Upgrade

GWB-244.256 07-Oct-2015

George Washington Bridge – Pavement Rehabilitation of the Lower Level Eastbound Approach Roadways, Lower Level Eastbound Bridge Span and Lower Expressway East Ramp

PN-654.036 30-Sep-2015

Port Newark – Water System Rehabilitation at Central and South Sections

LGA-124.226 21-Sep-2015

LaGuardia Airport – Hangar 7 South Build Out

EWR-914.202 18-Sep-2015

Newark Liberty International Airport – Rehabilitation of Fuel Pit Vault Hatches

EWR-924.320 09-Sep-2015

Newark Liberty International Airport – Terminal 'C' Level 1 Drainage Improvements

LGA-124.229 27-Aug-2015

LaGuardia Airport – Watch Engineer's Office Relocation

EWR-154.239 28-Jul-2015

Newark Liberty International Airport – Rehabilitation of Expansion Joints of Bridges N3, N9, N13, N17, N19 and N29 and Structural Elements

LGA-774.133A 24-Jul-2015

LaGuardia Airport – Emergency Storm Drainage Outfalls

MF-208.910 07-Jun-2015

Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals New York and New Jersey Facilities – Facility Priority Improvements Via Work Order

LT-924.014 23-Jun-2015

Lincoln Tunnel - Water Line Leak Repairs

GWB-244.240 22-Jun-2015

George Washington Bridge – Lower Level Priority Steel and Concrete Repairs, Rehabilitation of Catwalks and Maintenance Platform Travelers

PAT-131.000 20-May-2015

PATH - Hackensack River Bridge Emergency Generator Fuel Tank

PN-654.545 21-May-2015

Port Newark – Berth 19 Wharf Restoration

JFK-914.209 21-May-2015

John F. Kennedy International Airport – Former Hangar 12 Site – West Area Lighting

GWB-924.044 18-May-2015

George Washington Bridge – Electrical Bus Replacement

TEB-914.203 21-Apr-2015

Teterboro Airport – Installation of Fencing to Mitigate Wildlife Hazards


Bid Due Date Contract Title/Solicitation Description
43833 10-Nov-2015

World Trade Center Redevelopment – Wayfinding Signage Fabrication and Installation

42388 09-Jun-2015

WTC Flood Mitigation and Resiliency Improvement Program – Bollard Protection System at VSC


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