Fall 2008

  • Opening of the World Trade Center Business Resource Center
  • Connecting with WTC Prime Contractors
  • Focus: D-Star Waterproofers
  • Keep Your Vendor Profile Current
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Opening of the World Trade Center Business Resource Center

As part of our continuing effort to assist minority, women-owned and small business enterprises (M/W/SBE) access contracting opportunities, we established a World Trade Center Business Resource Center at 115 Broadway in Downtown Manhattan. Our open house on July 17, held on location on the 19th floor, welcomed more than 100 attendees from M/WBE firms who are currently working on World Trade Center (WTC) projects. Steve Plate, director, WTC Construction, made a presentation on the latest developments at the WTC site. Lash Green, director, Office of Business and Job Opportunity, provided an overview of the M/WBE contractual awards.

The World Trade Center Business Resource Center offers a full range of services to M/W/SBEs, including information on upcoming opportunities with WTC redevelopment projects, consultations on accessing technical and financial assistance, construction management training, business seminars and workshops, as well as other relevant courses offered by our training partners. Representatives of M/WBEs that are not yet certified will be able to meet one-on-one with members of our certification unit. Prime contractors may also get assistance in identifying M/WBEs that match the necessary skills for subcontracting work. Construction managers and general contractors of WTC projects will also be available to meet with and offer information on timely bidding and contracting information to M/WBEs interested in prime and subcontracting contracts.

Open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., interested parties may call 212-435- 7843 or email WTCbrc@panynj.gov with questions or to arrange an appointment.

Connecting with WTC General Contractors/Construction Managers

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is responsible for building three of the largest projects at the World Trade Center site: the Freedom Tower, the WTC Transportation Hub, and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum Complex. Our policies encourage M/WBEs to participate in this enormous redevelopment effort. We need the help of minority, women-owned and small businesses to make it happen.

The three major General Contractors/Construction Managers’ for each project are committed to achieving the Port Authority's M/WBE participation goals required in their contracts. We’re proud to introduce you to the General Contractor/Construction Manager’s and their M/WBE liaisons. We urge you to explore business opportunities with them:

  • The Freedom Tower
    General Contractor: Tishman Construction
    Flora Ramos, Senior Project Manager, framos@tishman.com or WTCbrc@panynj.gov, 212-748-1001

    Flora is experienced in M/WBE programs in New York and New Jersey, including 7 World Trade Center. She is active in the PA’s Mentor-Protégé Program, and she monitors the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Tishman will work to attain LEED Gold Certification for the Freedom Tower, as it did for 7 World Trade Center. For the Freedom Tower project, Flora says there are second- and third-tier opportunities for certified M/WBE businesses in installation, small electrical and plumbing projects, and other union trades. There are also primary bids opening up for painting.

    “With the Freedom Tower, our goal is to rebuild our city’s skyline to be something we can be proud of and do together as New Yorkers,” says Flora. To become pre-qualified as a vendor or contractor or for information on bid opportunities for the Freedom Tower, click here.

  • World Trade Center Transportation Hub
    General Contractor: Phoenix Constructors, JV
    William Quinn, EEO Office/Agency Liaison, William.quinn@bovislendlease.com, or WTCbrc@panynj.gov, 646-467-7113

    William is an enthusiastic supporter of the M/WBE program and is a mentor in the PA’s Mentor-Protégé Program. He ensures that M/WBEs are included in bid lists and that majority firms utilize M/WBEs for subcontracting.

    “Certified M/WBEs need to be ready and have their homework done by becoming pre-qualified with Phoenix, having their bonding in place, if appropriate, and seeking assistance as soon as possible if needed,” says William. To become pre-qualified as a supplier or subcontractor for the WTC Transportation Hub, click here. To learn about bid opportunities, click here.

  • Memorial/Museum Complex
    General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
    Esther Cotto, Senior Project Manager, Esther.cotto@bovislendlease.com or 212-596-6815

    Esther is the supplier diversity manager for the historic project that will memorialize the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and honor the brave men and women who lost their lives that day. Esther promotes increased M/WBE opportunities and stronger business alliances. She notes there are construction and small business opportunities at the Memorial/Museum Complex for the fountains, miscellaneous metals, elevators, and escalators.

    “I am honored to be a part of a project that is historic and a tribute to our American heroes,” says Esther. For more information as to how you can provide services, contact Esther.cotto@bovislendlease.com.

Focus: D-Star Waterproofers
Persistence Brings Success

Picture of Antonio RamirezFor D-Star Waterproofers and the company’s principal, Antonio Ramirez, the road to success starts with persistence. A Port Authority-certified minority-owned small business enterprise, D-Star Waterproofers is participating in the historic redevelopment of the World Trade Center site after taking important steps that led to several contracts.

Located in Baldwin, New York, D-Star Waterproofers has been in business since 1998 and previously had received a number of contracts with our Aviation Department. While attending outreach functions given jointly by the PA and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub’s general contractor, Phoenix Constructors, JV, Mr. Ramirez received information on becoming pre-qualified with Phoenix and was placed on the company’s bid solicitation lists. So far, D-Star Waterproofers has been awarded three contracts with Phoenix, with the value of the work progressively increasing in dollar amount.

“I advise others to be as persistent as I was,” says Mr. Ramirez. “Don’t be deterred by the paperwork involved in becoming qualified.” He also attributes his success to constantly taking advantage of the various networking events and training courses given by the Regional Alliance for Small Contractors.

“I continually market my company at these events, and I have made valuable contacts that have led to profitable jobs.”

To learn more about D-Star Waterproofers, visit www.D-Starwaterproofers.com. To learn more about bid opportunities with Phoenix Constructors, JV, go to http://www.phoenixconstructors.com/pro_upcoming.asp.

Keep Your Vendor Profile Current

Are you receiving solicitations to bid and invitations to attend classes and workshops? If not, log into your vendor profile to maintain an up-to-date and accurate vendor profile. Don’t miss out on valuable contract opportunities. Also be sure to check the “Minority Business Indicator” section to make certain your M/W or SBE certification is active. To update your vendor profile, click here.

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Let Us Know If You Hold a Government Contract

If you do, let us know about it. You may hold a government contract for goods or services we are currently seeking to procure. The Port Authority utilizes several procurement methods to acquire goods and services. The preferred methods are publicly advertised competitive sealed bids and requests for proposals. Another preferred method is to procure goods and services from vendors with government contracts.

New York State, the State of New Jersey, New York City, the U.S. General Services Administration, and other state and local municipalities enter into a number of contractual agreements for various goods and services. The Port Authority treats these governmental agreements as comparable to our own publicly advertised competitive sealed bid awards. If it is determined to be in the best interests of the Port Authority, we may make purchases directly from vendors holding government contracts.

If you are a certified M/W/SBE and hold a government contract, click here and follow the instructions for submitting your response.

Get Connected

The Office of Business and Job Opportunity’s on-line resources offer you a wealth of information and important connections to forms, registration materials, bid opportunities and dates to remember. You can link to:


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General Manager

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Manager, Certification

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Manager, Business Utilization and Services

Mariko Egawa
Pr. Business Development Representative
WTC Retail, Real Estate and corporate commodities and services

Robert Foreman
Pr. Business Development Representative
JFK, LGA and WTC construction

Jacqueline Grossgold
Pr. Business Development Representative
JFK, LGA, EWR commodities and services, PATH construction, commodities and services

Quinzell McKenzie
Pr. Business Development Representative
EWR construction, Teterboro and Stewart airport construction, commodities and services

Jorge Mercado
Business Development Representative
LT, HT, GWB, OBX, BB and NY & NJ Marine Terminals construction, commodities and services

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