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A Personal Invitation From the Director

Summer is almost here, and Port Authority projects are humming with activity as we work on $3.3 billion of capital projects slated for 2009. We need the expertise of you and your company to complete many of these projects on time and on budget.

The Office of Business and Job Opportunity strives to ensure that minority, women-owned, small, and disadvantaged business enterprises actively and successfully participate in the Port Authority’s procurement of good and services, including construction and professional services. We can help you to build your business, make important contacts, develop a strong workforce, and educate you with training workshops and networking opportunities.

Let’s work together to meet our shared goals. Use our easy links below to get you started, keep you working, make important contacts, and learn about upcoming courses and special events.

Best regards,
Lash Green

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2008 - Banner Year for M/W/SBEs

The Port Authority announced at its April 30th Board meeting that a record $575 million in contracts were awarded to minority, women-owned and small businesses in 2008-a truly extraordinary year. Such an unprecedented amount in awards was due, in large part, from delivering a comprehensive M/W/SBE program that seeks to maximize the utilization of certified firms in nearly all phases of our business activities and on some of our largest and most important projects; and a program that also offered access to training and other resources to enhance the strength and capacity of M/W/SBEs.

Of the more than $575 million in total M/W/SBE awards, over $400 million was derived from construction activities; and some $283 million was from opportunities associated with the World Trade Center (WTC) redevelopment projects. We are especially proud that diversity is in full play at this highly visible and significant building site. Additionally, more than $105 million for goods and services was awarded to M/W/SBEs - a large part attributed to the success of our Janitorial/Maintenance SBE program and over $30 million in awards to M/W/SBEs in the category of architectural and engineering.

These awards to M/W/SBEs in 2008 helped support 5,020 jobs in the region, resulting in $271 million in wages and $911 million in regional economic activity. “It is gratifying to know that, despite the economic downturn, the large amount in awards last year means that many firms will be working throughout this year and possibly longer” said Office of Business and Job Opportunity director Lash Green.

New Bonding and Financing Training Program Open to M/WBEs

The Port Authority is teaming with the Jamaica Business Resource Center, The Surety & Industry Association of America, the New York State Empire Development Corporation and the New York State Insurance Department in an effort to make bonding and financing more accessible to small, minority and women-owned businesses. This exciting training initiative will help these business owners expand their participation in construction projects throughout the region.

The Jamaica Business Resource Center, serving as the program coordinator, will select 40 business owners to participate in the training. The three-month program includes a series of educational capacity building workshops taught by financing, bonding and other construction industry executives, one-on-one technical assistance and assessments, and bond/loan placement services. Contractors who successfully complete the program will be eligible for surety bonds and financing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this unique program. For more information visit www.jbrc.org or call Damir Hubana at 718-206-2255 or via email at Dhubana_jbrc@hotmail.com.

Resource Center Offers DBEs Marketing and Financial Assistance

The Northeast Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center, headquartered at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, N.Y. offers comprehensive business training, technical assistance, and information on Department of Transportation contracts to transportation-related small business enterprises. The center is aiding in the Port Authority/NJTransit’s outreach efforts to link DBEs with the Tunnel Project (link to previous issue) that is in line with its main mission to increase the number of small businesses that are prepared to compete for, and enter into, transportation-related prime and subcontract opportunities. Also as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act resources were made available for a Bonding Program that will further enhance the capacity of small businesses. Details will soon be available (end of May) at http://osdbuweb.dot.gov/

According to Elizabeth Perdomo, project director for the Northeast Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center, the center is currently gearing up DBEs for Tunnel Project contracts with two major services:

  • Marketing assistance: Certified DBEs can receive assistance in preparing a corporate capability statement that tells prospective prime contractors what products and services the DBE provides, what other capabilities they possess (such as specialized equipment), and other agencies for which they have performed work.
  • Financial assistance: Certified DBEs that are awarded federally funded contracts may qualify for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Short-Term Lending Program, which can provide a credit line of up to $750,000 to meet payroll and accounts receivables.

Ms. Perdomo urges DBEs to prepare now for the near future, when primary contractors will be seeking subcontractors for the Tunnel Project:

  • “If you are not certified, do it right away. The Port Authority and New Jersey Transit are committed to making sure that DBEs get a piece of this big pie.” [To become certified, visit panynj.gov]
  • “Attend our capacity-building seminars, which will be given in New York in 2009.”
  • “Look into the Short-Term Lending Program. The terms are amazing.”
  • “Visit thetunnelproject.com for more contract information.”
  • Learn more at http://www.osdbu.dot.gov/regional/index.cfm
  • “Call me at 718-482-5941 or write to me at eperdomo@lagcc.cuny.edu with any questions you have.”

Training Classes, Networking Help Precision General Contractors Succeed

Since 1994, Precision General Contractors has been certified with the Office of Business and Job Opportunity as a minority-owned and small business enterprise. Over the years, the Livingston-based company has provided full-scope general contracting services for a number of Port Authority building, civil, and utility projects.

Photo of Ching Chen The company currently has contracts to provide upgrades to the street lighting system at Newark Liberty’s fuel farm facility, rehabilitation of Fred Wehran Drive at Teterboro Airport, and fire hydrant system upgrades at all three of the Staten Island bridges. The company has also completed quite a few projects at various other Port Authority facilities.

Ching Chen, president of Precision General Contractors, attributes some of his business’ success with the Port Authority to cohesive work relationships with project teams and taking advantage of capacity building training courses offered by the Regional Alliance of Small Contractors. He and/or his staff have completed “Primavera Project Management,” “Construction Cost Estimating,” “Quick Book Accounting,” and “OSHA Safety Training Program.”

In addition, Mr. Chen has also found that the networking meet-and-greet events offered by the Port Authority have helped him and his staff build new business contacts and forge new relationships. Precision General Contractors has also utilized the Office of Business and Job Opportunity’s Directory of Minority and Women Owned Businesses to find and then hire subcontractors, and the Port Authority’s website to learn more about potential bidding opportunities.

Photo of Chen Workers Chen advises small and minority-owned businesses to first get certified with the Port Authority and then take advantage of the many services afforded to them through the Office of Business and Job Opportunity.

“We regularly receive notifications of upcoming opportunities and submit bids for the jobs that fit our expertise,” he says. “We participate in almost 80 percent of the opportunities that we are eligible for. Familiarity with Port Authority practices and requirements has helped us move our projects along smoothly.”

To learn more about our programs for certified minority, and women-owned firms and small business enterprises visit panynj.info and click onto “Doing Business with the Port Authority.”


Lash Green

Paula London

Roger Hsu
General Manager

Rosemary Jenkins-Varela
Manager, Certification

Ida Perich
Manager, Business Utilization and Services

Mariko Egawa
Pr. Business Development Representative
WTC Retail, Real Estate and corporate commodities and services

Robert Foreman
Pr. Business Development Representative
JFK, LGA and WTC construction

Jacqueline Grossgold
Pr. Business Development Representative
JFK, LGA, EWR commodities and services, PATH construction, commodities and services

Quinzell McKenzie
Pr. Business Development Representative
EWR construction, Teterboro and Stewart airport construction, commodities and services

Jorge Mercado
Business Development Representative
LT, HT, GWB, OBX, BB and NY & NJ Marine Terminals construction, commodities and services

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