Opportunity News: May 2014

Superstorm Sandy:

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity For DBEs

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Not many people would disagree that Superstorm Sandy was among the region’s worst natural disasters in modern memory. Nearly all PANYNJ facilities felt the storm’s impact, with the PATH System, Holland Tunnel, and LaGuardia Airport suffering the most significant damage.

As harrowing as the storm was, it also presented an opportunity to prepare for future challenges caused by rapidly changing weather patterns — and to involve qualified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) in the process.

In the aftermath of the storm, PANYNJ established a Storm Mitigation and
Resilience Office to coordinate temporary and permanent repairs, as well as mitigation and resilience projects that will prepare vital facilities for increasingly powerful storms in the future.

According to Nancy Johnson, acting senior project manager for the Storm Mitigation and Resilience Office, her team is in the process of prioritizing PATH projects and applying for federal funding through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Though federal funding does not permit set-asides, the Office of Business Diversity and Civil Rights (OBDCR) has established a goal of 15% for work by qualified DBE contractors.


Virtually all aspects of PATH operations were affected by Superstorm Sandy. In addition to damage at all 13 stations, the majority of belowground infrastructure was rendered inoperable. Many of the system’s 10 substations also saw major damage, from electronic components and internal relays to communications infrastructure.

Projects on the drawing board include the installation of flood barriers; drainage systems and compromised communications and power systems; installation of flood and structural protection for station infrastructure; elevation of critical systems above flood zones, and replacement of damaged and vulnerable substations.

PATH anticipates nearly $317 million in project work through 2016, which translates into an estimated $47.5 million in opportunities for DBEs.


The Storm Mitigation and Resilience Office has identified the following repair and resiliency projects:

Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals

  • Tunnel repair
  • Protection of pump room equipment
  • Replacement of electrical systems and monitoring equipment
  • Installation of state-of-the-art Multi-Facility Intelligent Transportation System

World Trade Center

  • Installation of watertight doors
  • Increased pumping capacity
  • Elevation of controls above flood zone and relocation of critical equipment


  • Replacement of airside lighting, power distribution and drainage systems
  • Protection of electrical substations and pump stations
  • Upgrading of parking lot high-mast lighting

Port Commerce

  • Upgrading of wharf access roads and stabilization of shorelines
  • Replacement of electrical distribution system and mooring cell
  • Waterproofing of substations
  • Elevation of controls for signalized traffic intersections


As a result of the storm, PANYNJ also expanded its collaboration with other public agencies to improve business and regional continuity during emergencies, including:

NJ Transit Grid
We’re working with the state of New Jersey on its NJ Transit Grid project, investigating the benefits of developing electricity off-grid to ensure availability PATH and  the Northeast Corridor rail line.

Department of Homeland Security
PANYNJ has entered a pilot program sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to validate certain risk and resilience management tools currently in development.

Opportunities for DBEs
ACROSS an array of industries

As PANYNJ works toward increasing the resiliency of existing and future facilities, it’s also working to create business opportunities for qualified DBEs, including these NAICS codes:

Commercial & Institutional
Building Construction

Highway Street & Bridge Construction

Poured Concrete Foundation
& Structure Contractors

Structural Steel & Precast
Concrete Contractors

Masonry Contractors

Roofing Contractors

Electrical Contractors

Site Preparation Contractors

Brick, Stone & Related Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers

Engineering Services

Surveying & Mapping
(except Geophysical) Services

Security Guards & Patrol Services

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Are you prepared to be part of our region's future?

PANYNJ is proactively increasing the resiliency of existing and future facilities. We welcome your interest as a DBE in playing a key role in efforts to weather future climate events and plan for tomorrow's emergency needs today.

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