2017-2026 Capital Plan

In February 2015, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey endorsed the recommendations of the Special Panel on the Future of the Port Authority, which called for the Port Authority to reassess and update its prior 10-year Capital Plan to reflect a more focused investment in the region’s transportation needs. This 2017-2026 Capital Plan reflects a number of difficult choices required to balance and prioritize the Port Authority investment priorities in a financially responsible way and adheres to three guiding principles:

  • To apply the agency’s financial capacity and full resources toward modernizing and expanding the region’s aging airports, seaports, mass transit facilities, and other vital trans-Hudson transportation assets;
  • To continue serving our customers efficiently, focusing on maintaining our facilities in a state of good repair, while ensuring safety, security and resiliency; and
  • To allocate the agency’s affordable capital to its highest priority needs in a fiscally responsible manner so as to achieve a financially balanced plan.

At its February 2017 meeting, the Board of Commissioners approved a $32.2 billion 2017-2026 Capital Plan (“Capital Plan”), which reflects $29.5 billion in direct spending on Port Authority facilities, and a commitment to support debt service payments on $2.7 billion of Gateway Program Development Corporation low-cost borrowing for Phase 1 of the Gateway Program. The Capital Plan was developed using a comprehensive planning process and risk based prioritization that considered asset condition, operational and revenue impact, threat assessment, customer service, regional benefit, and regulatory or statutory requirements and long-term affordability of the plan. The Capital Plan includes projects that will (1) renew Port Authority assets to maintain them in a state of good repair, so that the Port Authority can continue providing infrastructure that is efficient, reliable, and safe; (2) expand capacity, improve connectivity, and advance the region’s transportation needs; (3) partner with federal and regional entities to restore infrastructure that was damaged by Superstorm Sandy, to enhance resiliency, and to plan for the future; and (4) deliver projects that are currently in construction.

While each of the projects in the Capital Plan is noteworthy, when the individual pieces integrate to form a complete picture, that vision is exciting and invigorating for the region. The balanced portfolio of critical infrastructure projects presented in this Capital Plan both affirms and supports the Port Authority's mission to meet the region's core transportation needs, while simultaneously acting as good stewards of the public's resources in a fiscally responsible way. The Capital Plan is a blueprint for future spending, and does not supplant the Board’s authorization process for specific projects and contracts. Accordingly, the capital plan and funding capacity will be monitored and may be adjusted in the future.

Download a copy of the Capital Plan 2017-2026 (PDF), supplemental information and the project list via the link below.

Capital Plan 2017-2026

Annual Capital Budgets

The annual Capital Budget represents the estimated capital spending during each year of the 10-year Capital Plan. The Capital Budget is typically adopted by the Board at the December Board meeting preceding the applicable spending year. Please refer to the links below for a copy of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Capital Budgets.

2017 Capital Budget (as adopted in February 2017 with the approved 2017-2026 Capital Plan)

2018 Capital Budget

2019 Capital Budget

For information on the combined operating and capital budget, including schedules in a readable format (Excel), please click here

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