Patrick J. Sherwood


United States Army

Military Campaign

Vietnam (1968-1969)

Military Rank

Specialist 5

Military Position(s)

Precise Power
Equipment Operator/Supervisor

Active / Inactive Duty

3 years: Active Duty

3 years: Reserves

PA Position

Designer in the Engineering / Architecture Design Division of the Engineering Department

PA Tenure

13 years – Permanent

15 years – Provisional Employee

Previous Positions

"I started out working in the Model Shop and I was hired as Manager in 2002"

Can you summarize your military duties and commands?

I was a generator operator/supervisor supplying electric power to landing zones and unit base camp while serving with the 1st Air Cavalry. Later assignments included dispatcher for the motor pool

Current position at the Port Authority

I manage the 3-D model studio for the Engineering Department. I build models to make sure that what designers are drawing is what they expect it to be and to show clients/public reviews what projects would look like. I learned how to use 3D CAD (computer-aided designs software) programs to create both 3D virtual models and files for 3D Printing of physical models, which are used for design study and presentation of PA projects.

What factors encouraged you to apply to the Port Authority?

The quality of people here.

I came from the private sector where I was one of the first non-architects promoted to Associate. I had a staff of 19 people, but I worked long hours, seven days a week. I had no personal life. When I came to the Port, the scopes of the projects were the same, but I was afforded a life after work. I come from a different generation of vets, but the Port Authority is one of the few employers that did not hold against you the fact that you are a vet.

Do any of your military skills come in handy at the Port Authority?  If so, which ones?

Working for a large organization, it is important to take orders and give orders as well as being able to adjust on the fly… having flexibility.

You can teach anybody a job, but you can’t teach values. A lot of the military experience that you get, the discipline that you get, gives young people a certain maturity and sense of responsibility.

Do you have any advice to new veterans who are looking for a position at the Port Authority?

Think long term. The PA allows you balance in your work and private life.  Overall it can work out better.

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