Sheyna Jones


United States Marine Corps

Military Rank


Military Position(s)

Fabric Repair Personnel

Training Administrator and Small Arms Repair

Active / Inactive Duty

4 years: Active Duty

4 years: Inactive Ready Reserves

PA Position

Tolls Supervisor at the Lincoln Tunnel

PA Tenure

7 years

Previous Positions

Tolls Supervisor

Tunnel & Bridge Agent

Security Guard


Can you summarize your military duties and commands?

I repaired all military issued items (i.e. field tents, canvas, tarps, Humvee covers etc.); coordinated all annual training for over 200 Marines (i.e. swim qualification, rifle range, physical fitness tests etc.) and repaired and maintained small arms weapons. I also served with the Combat Service Support Group 3 assigned to Kaneohe Bay, HI.

What factors encouraged you to apply to the Port Authority?

The fact that there are many avenues to explore, as well as promotions from within the agency. Knowing that I could move up through the ranks in the PA, I knew I made the right choice applying because I was not just going for a job. I was setting the foundation for my future career with the agency.

How did the structure and business lines of the agency compare/contrast to that of the armed forces?

The structure and business lines of the agency compare to that of the armed forces in that, like the military, the PA does follow a hierarchy format with any given situation. Like the military, PA employees represent the agency at all times. Therefore, conducting oneself in a professional manner at all times is highly important. With regard to the business lines of the agency, the PA is known for its customer service. Therefore, ensuring that the public’s needs are met with prompt and courteous customer service is central to maintaining a successful organization.

What does the PA mean to you?

The PA is the future of our transportation systems for land, air and sea. It is an honor to be part of a strong workforce that is constantly evolving. As the agency adapts to changes in technology, I have the opportunity to grow with the company and be a part of its future development.

Do you have any advice to new veterans who are looking for a position at the Port Authority?

Do not let the requirements for a job posting be discouraging. Apply anyway. Apply for all available jobs listed and go on as many interviews, but do not become discouraged if you are not chosen for the job. Keep trying. Do not look at entry-level positions negatively; it is a starting point in deciding which direction to go in next.

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