Stephen Jones


United States Navy and
United States Navy Reserve

Military Rank


Military Position(s)

Commanding Officer

Logistics Officer

Retail Operation Analyst

Inventory Management Analyst

Cargo Officer

Active / Inactive Duty

Six years: Active Duty

17 years: Reserve Duty

PA Position

Manager, Compensation

PA Tenure

28 years

Previous Positions

Compensation Analyst

HR Client Representative


Can you summarize your military duties and commands?

On active duty, I served aboard a nuclear submarine and at the Submarine Base in New London, Connecticut. As a reservist, I served as a cargo officer, supervising the on and offloading of ships; as an inventory management analyst; as a retail operation analyst; as a logistics officer on the staff of a harbor defense command; and as the commanding officer of a logistics support battalion.

What factors encouraged you to apply to the Port Authority?

At the time, I was looking for work and was not particularly selective. However, I was happy to apply to the Port Authority because I recognized it as a public agency, and I had a sense that public agencies have similar cultures to the military in that they are mission oriented instead of profit oriented. As I liked and was familiar with military culture, I felt I could assimilate into the Port Authority’s culture well.

How are the PA and the Military similar?

The military is about the mission and not about profit. This is similar with the Port Authority. The military is a structured hierarchy, which is true of the Port Authority. The military has values of loyalty, commitment, ethics, and service – all values that are important to the Port Authority. The military offers a career with the opportunity to rise to the highest levels based on merit – this is also true of the Port Authority.

What does the PA mean to you?

The Port Authority, similar to the military, is about public service. The Port Authority has a mission, and being a part of the Port Authority is about accomplishing that mission, and doing so while adhering to the highest standards of conduct, ethics, and accountability. I find these concepts are understood to varying degrees among non-military employees, but tend to be well understood by military members, to the benefit of the Port Authority.

Do you have any advice to new veterans who are looking for a position at the Port Authority?

I would encourage veterans to consider the Port Authority, especially if they had a good experience in the military. I find that the type of people who work at the Port Authority tend to respect the military and the military experience, so it is a receptive work environment. I would also tell new veterans that they should remember and embrace their military experience and apply it here at the Port Authority; doing so will pay dividends.

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