Commitment to Reform

Transformation Continues at The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Under the leadership of Governors Cuomo and Christie, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s Board of Commissioners has moved aggressively to implement dozens of meaningful reform initiatives. These measures that will make the agency more open and transparent, increase non-toll/non-fare revenue and save the agency hundreds of millions of dollars. Below are highlights of the many recent initiatives that will help The Port Authority continue to keep the region moving forward. As the agency continues to transform to meet the needs of our customers, this list will be updated to reflect recent changes and improvements.

  • Organizational Reforms
  • Cost Savings
  • Non-Toll/Non-Fare Revenue Enhancements
  • Transparency
Reform Reform Took Effect Impact
Operational Improvements 2013 For five years in a row, The Port Authority Board of Commissioners has held the line on operating expenses by adopting zero-growth operating budgets. As a result, the agency's workforce is at its lowest level in four decades. Through these budget decisions, the Board has directed the agency to find ways to operate more efficiently.
Additional Information:
PA Board Approves Fifth Consecutive Flat
Operating Budget

Creation of a Chief Security Office and Consolidation of Public Safety Functions 2012 In 2012, the Board created the Office of the Chief Security Officer to consolidate and centralize public safety functions within the agency.  After an extensive search led by the nationally recognized security firm, The Chertoff Group, The Port Authority on October 26, 2012 hired Joseph P. Dunne, a long time veteran of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), as the agency's first ever Chief Security Officer (CSO). Mr. Dunne serves as the chief executive of a newly created Security Department within the bistate agency.

Mr. Dunne is responsible for developing, implementing, assisting, and auditing security programs across The Port Authority, including line departments and The Port Authority Police Department (PAPD). Under his direction, the agency's new Security Department is centralizing the agency's entire security structure, increasing security efforts at the agency's facilities, coordinating with other law enforcement entities, and formalizing lines of responsibilities and operational and cost control over the organization.

As the new Chief Security Officer, Mr. Dunne directly manages The Port Authority Police Department, which includes nearly 1,600 uniformed members. The PAPD is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the agency's land, sea, air and rail facilities.

Additional Information
Former NYPD First Commissioner Joseph Dunne Selected to Serve as First Chief Security Officer
Capital Projects Prioritization 2012 In order to achieve new efficiencies and cost savings in The Port Authority's capital program, the Board implemented a new scoring process to help prioritize capital projects.  This ongoing effort has significantly enhanced the discipline of the capital planning process, and will assist the agency in delivering the most critical transportation investments for the region in the future.
Reform Reform Took Effect Impact
Travel Policy 2013 The agency is implementing changes to streamline travel and reduce costs. This includes pursuit of better discounts directly with hotels as well as ceilings on reimbursement amounts to be in line with state policies. Coordination has begun with the Acting COO on implementation of these policies.
Essex County Resource Recovery Facility 2012 In September 2012, as announced by the Christie Administration, the Port Authority and Covanta Energy reached an agreement that transferred the operational and financial responsibility for the Essex County Resource Recovery Facility.. The agreement will provide cleaner air for Newark residents and save The Port Authority approximately
$40 million.
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Governor Christie Announces Tentative Deal
Christie Administration Praises New Agreements that will Improve NJ Air Quality
Newark Incinerator Plant to Get Cleaner Emissions Controls (Star-Ledger)
Expanding Healthcare Options 2012 As part of a wholesale change to employee salaries and benefits, The Port Authority instituted multiple health care plan choices in 2012. The change is expected to generate approximately $3 million of savings in 2013.
Requiring Healthcare Contributions for Non-represented Employees
and Retirees
2012 In March, The Port Authority Board of Commissioners implemented a new policy requiring healthcare contributions for non-represented employees and retirees. This action is expected to generate approximately $4.6 million in savings
in 2013.

The Board also declared its expectation that all future labor agreements for represented employees will include a contribution to healthcare.
Additional Information:
Board Enacts Sweeping Compensation and Benefit Reforms
Elimination of PATH Passes for Non-Represented Employees 2012 On April 29, 2012, the PATH Passes for Free Travel Program was discontinued for non-job connected use, including commutation and incidental travel purposes, for all non-represented employees, and discontinued for all travel for non-represented retirees, and all travel for eligible family members of non-represented employees and retirees. The agency estimates a savings of $170,000 per year.
Reforming Vacation Benefits 2012 In March, 2012 The Port Authority Board of Commisioners eliminated vacation exchange and extra allowances for cashing in vacation days upon separation. This action is expected to generate approximately $7.8 million of savings
in 2013.
Sale of Corporate Helicopters 2011 In 2011, The Port Authority eliminated its helicopter program and sold both helicopters owned by The Port Authority. The elimination of the program saves $5 million a year
in expenses.
Additional Information:
2011 Operating Budget eliminates PA Helicopter Program
Reform Reform Took Effect Impact
Divestiture of Real Estate Assets 2012 In April, The Port Authority announced that it would begin to hand over operations of the half million square foot Newark Legal Center, the Teleport business campus in Staten Island and several other non-core assets. The Port Authority is continuing to seek a buyer for these properties. A sale is expected to generate significant revenue for the agency while lowering operational and maintenance costs.
Additional Information:
Port Authority Sheds Money Losers
Collecting Outstanding Revenue 2012 In February 2012, the Executive Director of The Port Authority announced the adoption of a zero-tolerance policy for toll violators at agency bridges and tunnels. The Port Authority Police Department has stepped up enforcement and arrests of toll violators and to date, the agency has recovered more than $1 million in tolls and fines. Additionally, the agency has posted the names of the most egregious violators to the agency's website.
Additional Information:
Statement from ED Foye

Reform Reform Took Effect Impact
Employee Information
The Port Authority's website posts detailed payroll information for Port Authority and PATH employees (full-time or part-time). Information is updated quarterly.
Additional Information:
Employee Payroll Information
Overhauled Freedom of Information Code
2012 The Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved an overhauled Freedom of Information Act Code (FOIA) to increase transparency and make it easier for individuals to obtain a wider range of agency information and records. These changes clarify the FOIA guidelines in responding to requests regarding availability, timeliness, and meeting public expectations for a clearer understanding of exempt records. The goals are to ensure the public’s access to agency records and continue The Port Authority’s leadership in supporting open government initiatives. Revisions incorporated the key aspects of the New Jersey and New York state open government provisions and require that the released information, data and documents immediately be posted for the first time on the Port Authority's website. To date, the agency has posted more than 100,000 pages of documents to our website.
Additional Information:
Press release
Link to fulfilled FOI requests
Quarterly Public
Overtime Reporting
2011 The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s website now posts detailed quarterly overtime reports that outline employee overtime hours by department and region. The public can view a myriad of data relating to overtime hours and learn how overtime hours are used and the agency’s progress in meeting or exceeding overtime budget goals for the year.
Additional Information:
Employee Overtime Highlights

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