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The G-MAP initiative sets forth 10 specific action packages including regulatory reforms, operational innovations, and physical improvements to improve freight flows in the region. These packages:

  • Combine discrete actions into cohesive strategies to strengthen their individual effect
  • Prioritize community and environmental benefits
  • Allows for a new definition of "project"
  • Improve all dimensions of how goods move across the region

Those Action Packages include a focus on management, policy, modal and geographic principles:

Management & Policy

  • Deploying Freight Technology for Smarter Operations
  • Capital Resources for Financial Capital
  • Off-Peak: Capturing Available Capacity
  • Regulatory Harmonization Seamless Service Provision
  • Freight Preservation: Preserving Access and Facilities for Essential Freight Services

Modal & Geographic

  • Inside I-287: The First and Last Miles
  • Airport Access: Delivering Priority Transportation
  • Multimodal Rail: Realizing the Rail Renaissance
  • GATES: Promoting the Region's Global Gateway
  • I-95 Corridor: Serving the Mega-Region

For detailed overviews of the action packages, please review the G-MAP Brochure

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