Security Advisory to Passengers

To ensure the safety and security of passengers, all carry-on items, such as bags, luggage and packages, are subject to inspection by The Port Authority of NY & NJ. Any person refused entry into the system because of refusal to consent to an inspection of a carry-on item may be prohibited from attempting to re-enter the system.

In Case of Emergency While Riding PATH

  • Stay inside the train. Train tracks are electrified.
  • To alert the crew of a problem, push the Passenger Alert button that is located near each side door of the car. Open the cover and press the button.
  • Do not pull the Emergency Cord unless there is an immediate need to stop the train.
  • Follow instructions from the Conductor or emergency personnel.
  • The Conductor and the Engineer are located in the front of the train.
  • In case of immediate danger, walk to the next car.
  • The side windows may be used as emergency exits. For your safety, please do not exit through side windows unless danger is imminent.
  • Please help any passengers who require assistance.

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