Systemwide Upgrades

Modernization of PATH will occur throughout the system, from trains to track signals to stations. Click on a heading below to learn more about our upgrade plans.

The Tracks

New Railcars

PATH will replace its existing 340-railcar fleet – the nation’s oldest – beginning in 2009. New trains will feature three doors, instead of two for easier boarding and exiting. On-train amenities will include video with rail information and news, pre-recorded station announcements and vastly improved communication capabilities between passengers and crew.

New Signal System

PATH will overhaul its current mechanized signals into a modern, computer-based system. The new computerized signals will route traffic more efficiently and help the rail system meet its goal of increasing capacity 20 percent.

Your Stations


PATH is expanding station platforms along the Newark to World Trade Center line to accommodate 10-car trains, which allows nearly 400 more passengers per trip when compared to a 7-car train. Additionally, our new computer-controlled signal system will safely reduce distances between trains to help increase system-wide passenger capacity by 20 percent.

Public Address System

An improved speaker system will make service information easier for passengers to hear on the trains and at the stations. The new communications equipment is currently being tested.


Passengers will soon start to see new, clearer signs and maps, enabling them to reach their destinations more quickly and easily.

Seating, Lighting, Flooring

New seating, lighting and flooring will make the wait in stations safer, more comfortable and visually appealing. The new lighting is more energy-efficient, helping to reduce the impact on the environment and lowering costs.


Beginning in 2009, photomurals will appear featuring site-specific and local landmarks – improving station aesthetics.

All Around


PATH’s modernization initiatives are environmentally friendly, helping for example to reduce the system’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6,500 tons.

Safety and Security

Major investments are being made to enhance PATH infrastructure, equipment and systems to help safeguard passengers.


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