The FTZ Advantage at the Port of New York and New Jersey

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As the grantee for FTZ 49, PANYNJ operates as the liaison between your business and the U.S. Federal government. Over the years, our goal has been to help companies find their niche in the FTZ community.

Pharmaceutical firms, flavor and fragrance manufacturers, watchmakers, food importers/distributors, auto processors/importers, and oil companies comprise but a small sampling of the many companies currently taking advantage of Foreign Trade Zone status at the Port of New York and New Jersey.

Whether your company is already here or you’re looking to relocate, FTZ 49 can provide an advantageous environment for your company to thrive.

Some of the specific advantages your business could gain include:

  • deferral, reduction, or elimination of certain duties
  • reduction of Merchandising Processing Fees (MPFs)
  • exemption from inventory tax
  • simplification of import/export procedures
  • improved inventory and quality control
  • enhanced security measures
  • waived customs duties on zone-to-zone transfers and merchandise placed on exhibition

Of course operating at the heart of the nation’s commerce is one of the greatest advantages to locating your business at The Port of New York and New Jersey. In fact, our port provides an ideal location for any type of supply chain model, particularly:

  • strategic access to 100 million of the world’s most affluent consumers;
  • cutting-edge terminal services;
  • excellent ocean, rail, air, and highway connections;
  • a highly-skilled, cross-trained workforce;
  • a multi-billion dollar commitment by the Port Authority to upgrade port infrastructure
  • generous incentive programs through state economic development agencies; and
  • ample available properties for manufacturing and distribution

And businesses that locate themselves at our port cannot ask for better business partners. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) coordinates with private-sector developers and numerous state and local government entities to provide tangible cost savings to businesses.

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