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The Port Performance Task Force (PPTF) held its second meeting on January 9 to review and finalize Work Group memberships. The Task Force identified representatives from 40 companies and organizations across 10 industry sectors to participate on the five work groups. Statements of work as well as goals and objectives have been set by the PPTF. Work Groups started to meet this week to address mission critical areas and establish timelines for deliverables.

We are working with a sense of urgency and now that the Work Groups are formed, we will get down to business. Work Groups will discuss the following areas of concern along with other issues critical to port productivity:

  • Terminal Optimization: Improve turn times and reduce delays at all waypoints so drayage tuck operators can make multiple turns a day. Ensure that timely and accurate information is available to facilitate routing decisions and stage arrivals and provide an adequate work force and fleet to meet both the demand and local requirements.
  • Drayage Operations: Formulate process improvements that attempt to limit the number of transactions that need to be made by/on behalf of customers/users/equipment operators and will expedite cargo movement through the port. These enhancements should enable the port to efficiently handle surges in volume and expedite the flow of Drayage operators to/from Marine Terminals.
  • Intermodal Equipment: Examine the changing state of ownership and use of intermodal equipment, propose a more efficient and environmentally friendly operating model for chassis, container and genset supply, storage, and repair within the Port of New York and New Jersey.
  • ExpressRail: Maximize efficiency, capability, and capacity of intermodal and non-intermodal rail operations at the Port of NY/NJ for customers and key operational stakeholders (e.g. marine and ExpressRail terminal operators, and rail operators).
  • Government and Community Outreach: Gain support of government agencies, community leaders and decision makers by developing a communication plan and brand to deliver a common, positive message on the port's commitment to excellence, progress of the PPTF and the importance of the Port of New York and New Jersey. Work to reinforce the importance of the port and align regulatory objectives with operational and commercial realities.

Each Work Group will ensure that industry stakeholders have an opportunity to voice their suggestions related to critical issues facing the port. The Task Force will strive to make this process transparent and inclusive to the entire port community.

We expect and want our business partners at the Port of NY & NJ to provide input and have the ability to consider recommendations in accordance with their own needs. Please contact Port Authority staff assigned to support the Work Groups, and they will relay your comments and input.

Terminal Optimization:
Dennis Lombardi — dlombard@panynj.gov
Beth Rooney — berooney@panynj.gov

Drayage Operations:
Dan Pastore — dpastore@panynj.gov
William Nurthen — wnurthen@panynj.gov

Intermodal Equipment:
Robert LaMura — rlamura@panynj.gov
Aaron Sherburne — asherbur@panynj.gov

Fernando Martinez — famartin@panynj.gov
Tom Hannan — thannan@panynj.gov

Government and Community Outreach:
Hilary McCarron — hmccarro@panynj.gov
Amanda Valdes — avaldes@panynj.gov

The mission of the PPTF is to "provide a framework for constituents in the Port of New York and New Jersey to discuss areas of common interest; identify challenges to port efficiency and service reliability and recommend potential solutions and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in order to maintain the Port's position as a preeminent Port of the United States". The group agreed to the creation of five Working Groups addressing specific issues related to port productivity.

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