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FTZ 49 - Can You Save Money?

Foreign-Trade Zone No. 49 has recently updated its web page at and has added an FTZ Savings Calculator. Companies can now use the calculator to estimate their potential savings from operating with foreign-trade zone status. This tool is a first step in determining whether your business can realize a competitive advantage. Please visit the Web site today to see if your company may benefit.

According to the FTZ 49 annual report for fiscal year 2007, the zone received and forwarded a total of $24.8 billion in domestic and foreign merchandise as compared to $21.3 billion last year, an increase of 16 percent. FTZ 49 also provided direct employment for 356 people in the generalpurpose zone and approximately 9,557 people in the sub-zones. For additional information about the zone, please contact Ellen Nesheiwat at (212) 435-4260.