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Port of NY and NJ Trucker Advisory

July 10, 2015

Dear Trucking Community:

As you know, for nearly two years, all Class 8 Drayage Trucks seeking entry onto any Port of NY & NJ Marine Terminal have been required to be registered in the Drayage Truck Registry (DTR) in electronic format via the PortTruckPass (PTP) website and have a valid RFID tag properly mounted on the vehicle. Beginning Monday, July 13, 2015, all container terminals will be strictly enforcing all program requirements.

As a reminder:

  1. No tag = No entry
  2. Each unique vehicle (VIN/License Plate) must have just one (1) RFID tag associated with it in the DTR and each RFID tag must only be associated with one (1) unique vehicle (VIN/License Plate).
  3. Trucks with engine model years 1993 or older are strictly prohibited.
  4. If your vehicle is taken out of service, you must inform PTP to have that vehicle removed from the DTR. Replacement vehicles (i.e. lease or rentals) must be registered in the DTR and associated with a specific duly-issued RFID tag. To transfer your RFID tag to a replacement vehicle, you must contact the PTP Help Desk at 866-758-3838 or login to your PTP account. The failure to associate your RFID tag with the replacement truck will result in a denial of entry.
  5. If at entry the truck is not clear for access, the trucker will receive a void-out ticket with a message that indicates the reason entry was not granted. Entry will be denied because of the following: "truck not found in Drayage Truck Registry," "truck has not been approved for entering the port," or "truck engine was built pre 1994". If the the trucker receives such a message, he or she should contact the PTP Help Desk at 866-758-3838 or proceed to the Truck Service Center (old SEA LINK® office), for resolution.
  6. If your tag has had successful reads in the past, you may be directed by the terminal to reposition your truck in the lane or try another lane for entry. If this happens more than once, have your tag checked at the Truck Service Center where a test reader is available to determine the problem with that particular tag/truck.

In order to ensure a proper read of your RFID tag, you must:

  1. Make sure that your tag is properly mounted on the driver's side view mirror. Refer to the instructions received with the tag. DO NOT hold the tag out the window or mount under the rear view mirror.
  2. Place all additional tags that you might have in your truck cab in a foil bag in the glove box or keep them at your home or office.  You will get error messages, and you will be denied entry if more than one tag is read.
  3. Ensure the tag is properly registered for your truck in the PTP database.
  4. Do not “piggyback” or ride too close to the truck in front of you as it could block a proper read of your tag.

We thank you for your cooperation!

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All drivers should also register their TWIC card at the Port Authority's Truck Service Center. Drivers who have not done so will be refused entry at the gate.

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