Press Release Article

PORT AUTHORITY SUPPORTS PROGRAM TO PREPARE NY/NJ RESIDENTS FOR CONSTRUCTION TRADES -- Contributes $600,000 Over Next Three Years to Help Residents Participate in Skilled Trade Apprenticeship Programs

Date: Mar 07, 2001
Press Release Number: 27-2001

The Port Authority has joined with New York and New Jersey agencies to fund programs that prepare vocational high school students and eligible adults for trade union apprenticeships. The Port Authority\'s Board of Commissioners voted to fund $200,000 annually for the next three years to apprenticeship programs in both states.
\"Statistics show that by the year 2008, our nation\'s construction industry will need more than 150,000 carpenters, mechanics and electricians,\" said Wilfred Chabrier, General Manager of the Port Authority\'s Office of Business and Job Opportunity. \"We know that the people of our region have the raw talent to meet these needs and we want to help make sure that they also have the opportunity.\"

These programs will provide participants with the personal, academic and vocational skills needed to compete for apprenticeships.

Between 2001 and 2003, the agency plans to donate $100,000 annually to Construction Skills 2000, a cooperative program operated by the New York City Board of Education, the Building Construction Trades Council of New York, and the New York City School Construction Authority. During that time, another $100,000 will be split equally each year between a pilot pre-apprenticeship program operated by the New Jersey Department of Treasury, and Project Build, a statewide labor-management cooperatives program that includes the New Jersey Contractors Association and construction unions.

This initiative is one of several programs the Port Authority supports to help New York and New Jersey residents learn skills that will lead to employment in a wide variety of growing fields. The agency recently provided $1.5 million to the Council for Airport Opportunity, a program that helps New York and New Jersey residents obtain jobs in the aviation industry.

The New York City School Construction Authority, the New Jersey Department of Treasury, the New Jersey Department of Transportation and New Jersey Transit are also providing funds for these programs.