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Date: Nov 29, 2001
Press Release Number: 152-2001

I am honored to be named a member of the Board of Directors for the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation and I thank Governor Pataki for the chance to serve the New York region in this capacity. I am also pleased and privileged to have a chance to work under the leadership of my friend and former boss from Goldman, Sachs, John Whitehead.

This appointment will require me to step down as Chairman of the Port Authority, which I expect to do on December 13. I am happy to say, however, that I will continue to serve as one of the six Port Authority commissioners from the State of New Jersey.

Rebuilding downtown Manhattan and restoring its vibrant economy is of paramount importance to this city and region. It is also of overarching symbolic importance as a statement that the spirit of our nation is stronger than any terrorist threat. I fully expect that in a few short years, working together, we will in fact bring downtown Manhattan to a state that surpasses even its former economic vitality.

While we do this work, however, we must never lose sight of the victims of the outrageous act of mass murder visited upon us on September 11. One of the most important aspects of this work will be the creation of an appropriate memorial to the thousands of innocent victims and heroic rescuers we have lost.

It has been a privilege to serve the New York-New Jersey region as Chairman of the Port Authority for six years. I look forward to continuing to serve the region.


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