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Date: Dec 17, 2001
Press Release Number: 167-2001

The Port Authority Board of Commissioners has authorized a $6 million project to construct a new, state-of-the-art automated pump house for the Borough of Teterboro.

“The new pump house will replace an existing borough system with components that are as much as 80 years old and can no longer keep up with stormwater demands,” said William R. DeCota, Director of Aviation for the Port Authority. “The project is part of an ongoing capital program at Teterboro Airport that will provide benefits to the community.

“For example, the Port Authority is in the process of making improvements to taxiways at Teterboro Airport that will enable aircraft to move about the airport much more quickly and efficiently. These improvements will reduce taxi and queue times, which will mitigate ground run-up noise and decrease emissions.”

Teterboro Mayor John P. Watt said: “I would like to thank the Port Authority for their generosity to Teterboro in underwriting the cost of a new storm water pumping station. We are delighted to see this organization step forward voluntarily in an effort to improve conditions for an entire region.”

William Ludlum, President of the Teterboro Business League, said: “The Teterboro Business League applauds the Port Authority for their commitment to install a new pump house in Teterboro. The business community recognizes the tremendous benefit the project will have.”

Mr. DeCota added: “None of the improvements planned for Teterboro are designed to equip the airport to handle more planes, but rather to better handle existing levels of flight activity. The new pump house will meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements for drainage capacity without creating an undue financial burden on the borough. The Port Authority has always recognized the importance of being a good neighbor to the communities it serves, and this is another example of the cooperative spirit being fostered by the agency.”

Teterboro Airport, one of the oldest continuously operating commercial airports in the country, provides more than 1,000 on-airport jobs and contributes nearly $500 million annually to the local economy.

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