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Date: Nov 09, 2009
Press Release Number: 140-2009

Memorial Steel Installation Nearing Completion; Work Under Way to Build One World Trade Center To 20th Floor Equivalent Level in First Quarter of 2010

The Port Authority has met 21 of 24 World Trade Center rebuilding milestones, according to its latest quarterly milestone report, released today.

Milestones for the third quarter included: the installation of 12 of 24 70-ton, 60-foot-high jumbo perimeter columns for One World Trade Center (all 24 columns were installed by October 31); the start of work to install 694 pieces of steel to fill in the last major section of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum; and the award of a major construction management contract to Tishman/Turner Construction for the World Trade Center Transportation Hub.

Upcoming milestones include construction of One World Trade Center to reach the 20th floor equivalent level in the first quarter of 2010.

Of the three missed milestones, two are within the Port Authority’s control. The Port Authority has developed complete mitigation strategies for those two milestones in order to avoid future delays. The third missed milestone - the demolition of 130 Liberty Street - is under the purview of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center. The Port Authority is currently reviewing the impact of the missed milestone on construction of the Vehicle Security Center, part of which must be built where 130 Liberty Street currently stands.

The major milestones were established as part of the World Trade Center Assessment, a comprehensive review of all of the major public projects on the World Trade Center site. It was released in October 2008. The Port Authority has since been issuing quarterly reports so the public can track the rebuilding progress and challenges along the way.

Today’s report can be found at

Highlights for the third quarter include:

  • Installed approximately 750 tons of steel for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum - enough for six Statues of Liberty.

  • Installed more than 17 miles of electrical conduit for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

  • Awarded a major contract for one of the most critical work packages for the World Trade Center Transportation Hub - the Greenwich Street Corridor/Underpinning of #1 Subway Line.

  • Installed four additional Calatrava arches in the East-West Connector, bringing the overall total to 51.

  • Installed 1,500 tons of structural steel for One World Trade Center, including 12 of 24 supercolumns that form the perimeter of the tower.

  • Installed 10 slurry panels totaling 1,500 cubic yards of concrete and 250 tons of rebar for the Vehicle Security Center. A total of 18 slurry panels have been installed to date.

Port Authority Chairman Anthony R. Coscia said, “While we continue to make progress on the public projects at the site, we also realize we have many significant milestones ahead. We’re committed to tackling the rebuilding challenges to make sure our milestones are met.”

Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward said, “This kind of tangible progress is critical, but we have many more milestones to meet, which is why we have to work aggressively every single day to hit each one of them.”

The third quarter 2009 milestones and their status are as follows:

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

  • Begin Platform Column Foundation - Complete

  • Fulton Street Slab Available for Access - Complete

  • Early Action Packages Awarded - Complete

  • Complete Level C Tiebacks (H&M Station) - Complete

  • Notice to Proceed - Construction Management Contract - Complete

  • Structures to Grade Package Out to Bid - Incomplete

  • Award and Issue a Notice to Proceed on the Top-Down Contract - Complete

  • Complete Installation of the 8 Additional Arches along the East-West Connector - Incomplete

  • Demo 286 and 266 slabs (H&M Station) - Complete

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

  • Complete Erection of Sector 3 Steel - Complete

  • Complete Erection of Sector 5 Steel - Complete

  • Award Pavilion Structural Steel - Complete

  • Award Pavilion Curtain Wall - Complete

  • Complete Counterfort Wall behind Exposed Slurry Wall - Complete

  • Award Drywall/Carpentry Package - Complete

  • Complete Sector 2 Concrete - Complete

One World Trade Center

  • Concrete Slabs to Grade Substantially Complete - Complete

  • Place Concrete at Shear Walls - 1st Lift Above Ground - Complete

  • Complete Demo of Vesey Street - Complete

  • Tower Steel Erection Begins - Complete

Vehicle Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility

  • 130 Liberty Street Deconstruction Complete (by LMDC/LMCCC) - Incomplete

  • Finish Slurry Panels Along West Street - Complete

  • Complete Work Around Design for 130 Liberty - Complete

Greenwich Street

  • Notice to Proceed for Top-Down Construction - Complete

Prospective Fourth Quarter milestones:

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

  • Complete 1A Steel Decking at 307 Level

  • Sector 5 Concrete Operations Substantially Complete

  • Installation of Phase 1 of Sector 2 Interior Masonry

  • Complete Sector 3A Steel Erection

  • Complete Central Chiller Plant Concrete

  • Complete Sector 3 Masonry Walls

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

  • Begin Construction of Underpass Super Columns

  • Complete Steel Erection at South Mezzanine and Pavilion Transfer Structure

  • Begin Fabrication of PATH Hall Roof Steel

  • Complete Fulton Street Access Roadway

  • Complete PATH Hall Roof Demolition over Platform A (Tracks 1 & 2)

World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility

  • Complete Buttress Wall Panels along Cedar Street

  • Start Construction of Liberty Street Pedestrian Bridge

One World Trade Center

  • Start Erection of Tower Steel

  • Erect Tier 2 - Floors 2M and 3 - Perimeter

  • Jump Crane onto Steel at North Core

  • Place Concrete on Deck at 2nd and 2M Floors

Greenwich Street

  • Begin Construction of Underpass Super Columns

  • Begin Construction of Elevation 274 Concrete Slabs

Prospective First Quarter 2010 milestones:

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

  • Complete Erection of Sector 1A Steel

  • Complete Core and Shell of the South Fountain Pump Room

  • Complete Turnover of the Central Chiller Plant for fit-out

  • Start Sector 3A Concrete

  • Start Sector 3 Ductwork

  • Finish Spray-on Fireproofing Sector 3 and Start Spray on Fireproofing Sector 4

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

  • First Roof Steel to Site

  • Begin East Box Girder Shoring

  • Begin Plate Girder Erection (AS-1) and Continue with Plate Girder (BS-1) Erection

  • Complete Access Bridge for Memorial Pavilion Transfer Structure

  • Complete Fulton Street Construction Access

  • Complete PATH Hall Roof Footings in NE Quadrant

World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility

  • Complete Cutoff Wall

  • Begin Excavation in Western Portion of Sit

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