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Date: Jun 17, 2010
Press Release Number: 35-2010

Action follows purchase of offsets from New York state landfill

Furthering the agency’s environmental sustainability efforts, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has agreed to purchase approximately 64,000 tons of carbon offsets from the Sussex County Landfill Gas Combustion (“Sussex”) project in Lafayette, New Jersey.

The Port Authority is purchasing carbon offsets for 2007 and 2009, as well as offsets for 2010, under the deal.  The 2008 offsets were unavailable. Last year through another consultant, Cantor CO2e, the agency bought 82,500 tons of carbon offsets from the Development Authority of the North Country, which operates a landfill in upstate New York State.

Purchase of carbon offsets from these landfills will help the Port Authority’s initiative to become carbon neutral by supplementing its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at agency facilities by 80 percent of 2006 levels by 2050. At the Sussex County landfill, collecting and flaring discharged gases reduces overall emissions’ levels and helps alleviate air pollution.

“These investments in capturing methane and other gases seeping from both landfills will help clear the air in New York and New Jersey and reduce the Port Authority’s carbon footprint,’’ said Chris Ward, the Port Authority’s executive director.
“The Sussex Project will help New Jersey residents by improving their air quality,’’ said Bill Baroni, the agency’s deputy executive director.  “The Port Authority is committed to being a good environmental neighbor and building upon these early programs to improve air quality for metropolitan-area residents.’’

Carbon offsets are available at both the New Jersey and New York landfills because they capture discharged gases at the sites.  These gases form during the decomposition of organic materials and include methane, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and other air pollutants, and would enter the atmosphere without these projects.

The Port Authority is paying approximately $750,000 for the offsets in New Jersey and New York.  Those offsets represent an emission reduction target by the Port Authority and cannot be sold or traded again.

In March, the Port Authority’s board of commissioners authorized the agency to purchase carbon offsets to enhance the agency’s sustainability program. This authorization has allowed the Port Authority to begin negotiations with Blue Source LLC to complete the purchase of the offsets from the Sussex Project in New Jersey.

The Sussex Project’s carbon offset capabilities meets global standards for voluntary offsets and also meets the Port Authority’s own standards.


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