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Date: Aug 08, 2011
Press Release Number: 55-2011

Statement by William T. Mullen, president of the 150,000-member, statewide council:

“The Port Authority’s proposed capital plan is expected to generate over 185,000 new jobs, $10.8 Billion in additional wages, and

$42.7 Billion in sales within the New Jersey/New York Port District,” Mullen said. “Such an infusion of construction projects and

new consumer spending would have an enormous impact on stimulating economic growth and much needed employment

opportunities throughout the region.”

By contrast, Mullen said a failure to raise the needed revenues would result in the shut-down of some 240 critical transportation and

infrastructure projects, and the immediate loss of nearly 4,000 jobs and $438 Million in lost investments in 2011 alone.

If the capital plan and new toll and fare structures are approved, major projects to be funded under the plan include, among others:

a) the replacement of all 592 suspender ropes at the 80-year-old George Washington Bridge, b) replacement of the Lincoln Tunnel

Helix to reduce congestion, c) raising of the Bayonne Bridge to resolve clearance issues for huge container ships, d) construction of

a new bus garage at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, e) replacement of PATH’s 100-year-old Duct Bank Network, and f) security

upgrades in tunnels, airports and terminals.

“Not only would the proposed capital plan and construction projects provide thousands of jobs for members of the building

trades, who are now suffering 30 to 40 percent unemployment rates, they would also help to relieve congestion and delays at Port

Authority crossings, repair and improve our bridges, tunnels and roadways, and provide environmental benefits by addressing air

quality concerns,” Mullen concluded.

“It’s exactly the kind of initiative needed to revive our stagnant economy and put thousands of people back to work, both within

the building trades and countless other industries. This proposal should receive widespread support from residents and public

officials alike.”


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