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Date: Jun 02, 2012
Press Release Number: 85-2012

Thanks to the FDNY, PAPD, PA staff, and construction workers from Tishman, everything worked exactly as it should have. After discovering smoldering plywood on an upper floor, workers used hand held fire extinguishers to control the situation and the FDNY responded to extinguish the condition. The incident was very localized, and thankfully there were no injuries or structural damage and work continues at One World Trade Center. As a matter of standard policy, members of the FDNY, PAPD, PA and Tishman will conduct an after action review and assess the response to today’s event, and make recommendations, if needed. The Port Authority has standing weekly meetings with the FDNY to provide updates on construction progress and site operations. As today proved, these briefings are invaluable to ensuring the utmost coordination for all activities on site.

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