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Date: Oct 18, 2012
Press Release Number: 141-2012

Action Will Create More Than 200 Jobs and Reduce Idling Time and Pollution

Port Authority commissioners today authorized a $31.5 million rehabilitation of Taxiway P at Newark Liberty International Airport. The project will include the realignment of two high-speed taxiways that will create more than 200 jobs, save an average of nearly $10 million annually, and help aircraft maneuver to and from gates quicker. The action will minimize idling time, thus helping to reduce pollution by decreasing the amount of fuel being burned.

The 10,500-foot-long Taxiway P handles approximately 190,000 aircraft movements annually on a taxiway design that is more than five decades old. The rehabilitation work will include completion of two new high-speed taxiways for connections to adjacent Runway 4R-22L. It will accommodate both current and forecasted future aircraft fleet.

Combining a state-of-good-repair project with the high-speed taxiway realignment work will enable the Port Authority to provide needed improvements to ensure safety and reduce time travelers spend on the ground, while minimizing disruptions to flight operations.

The new high-speed taxiways are part of larger efforts to reduce idling, taxiing and approach times of aircraft at Newark Liberty. These efforts include plans to keep planes at gates longer with a more precisely timed departure system, and use of Next Gen satellite technology to improve the efficiency of flight operations.

High-speed taxiways provide more gently angled exits from runways to taxiways, allowing planes to leave the runway at higher speeds after landing. Conventional taxiways require planes to slow significantly to handle 90-degree turns. High-speed taxiways help save time for arriving flights, leading to a cumulative reduction of delays for planes throughout peak travel periods.

According to a standard formula created by the Federal Aviation Administration, these reductions will translate to average annual savings of $9.4 million in aircraft operating costs and the value of passengers’ time. Overall, the project also will create 210 jobs, $13 million in wages and $53 million in economic activity by the time the work finishes in mid 2014. Further, there would be the additional benefits of reducing fuel use by aircraft, helping to meet the Port Authority’s environmental goals.

Early annual estimates indicate a savings of more than 1.5 million gallons of aircraft fuel at Newark Liberty, with CO2 emissions reduced by more than 15,000 tons. Reducing the amount of air pollution generated by operations at Newark Liberty is part of the Port Authority’s overall sustainability goals for the airport, with the intention of helping to minimize impacts on climate change and depletion of the atmosphere’s ozone layer.

Other green Port Authority initiatives at Newark Liberty include the purchase of airport vehicles that use hybrid and alternative fuels, expansion of mass-transit options to the airport to reduce travel by single-occupancy vehicles and continued recycling programs to reduce trash levels.

“The Port Authority is committed to getting the millions of passengers who use our airports to their destination as quickly as possible, while also being a strong steward of the environment,” said Port Authority Chairman David Samson. “This project will improve air quality and reduce delays by creating more efficient airport operations, while also generating more than 200 jobs and tens of millions of dollars in economic activity for the City of Newark.”

“Reducing the amount of air pollution generated at our facilities is a top priority of the Port Authority,’’ said Vice Chairman Scott Rechler. “Adding high-speed taxiways will minimize harmful emissions while also readying our airports for current and future aircraft traffic.”

“High-speed taxiways will mean millions of customers at Newark Liberty will breathe a little easier and get home a little faster,’’ said the agency’s Executive Director Pat Foye. “They will help cut time to and from the gates and help reduce time spent idling on the runways.”

“The introduction of additional high-speed taxiways at Newark Liberty offers far-reaching benefits,” said Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni. “This project will allow us to move aircraft more efficiently – improving air quality for our neighbors and saving time for our travelers.”

The proposed project will include the asphalt repaving of more than half of Taxiway P, where the existing surface has deteriorated due to normal wear and tear, as well as rehabilitation of the taxiway’s electrical system. In addition to finishing work on the high-speed taxiways, the project also will include the realignment of two additional taxiways connected to Taxiway P.

The agency will solicit contract bids from a publicly issued Request for Qualification. Completion is anticipated by the second quarter of 2014, with work staged to minimize disruptions to Newark Liberty flight operations.

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