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Date: Jun 27, 2002
Press Release Number: 73-2002

About 200 construction contracts valued at more than $1 billion – a record for the agency – are expected to be awarded this year, as the Port Authority continues to rebuild from the attacks on the World Trade Center while moving forward with the agency’s ambitious reinvestment program in the region’s transportation network.
More than $580 million in contracts already have been awarded this year.

New York Governor George E. Pataki said, “This announcement is a tribute to the Port Authority’s remarkable ability to rally from the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history. The agency is delivering on its commitment to improving the region’s transportation infrastructure, and playing a key role in building a consensus on the redevelopment of downtown Manhattan.”

New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey said, “Since September 11, the Port Authority has repeatedly demonstrated the will and the resources to rebuild our region and revitalize the economy, serving as a model and a source of pride for all Americans.”

Port Authority Chairman Jack G. Sinagra said, “This agency is increasing its productive output, getting contracts awarded and shovels into the ground. We recognize our vital role in this region: Improving the infrastructure while creating jobs that stimulate the economy. You can put a dollar value on contracts, but their true measure is the benefits to working families throughout the region that gain employment through these contracts.”

Port Authority Vice Chairman Charles A. Gargano said, “The Port Authority is known for its reputation as an economic engine for growth, and there is no better evidence of that than the work that will take place this year, from downtown PATH restoration to rehabilitation of Port Authority bridges and tunnels and improvements to airports and other facilities.”

Port Authority Executive Director Joseph J. Seymour said, “We face many construction challenges in the months and years ahead. But we have already met many challenges in recent months.”

Mr. Seymour said that late last year, service began on AirTrain Newark, which has far exceeded passenger projections. In the past year, two new parking garages opened at Newark International Airport, adding 3,600 parking spaces.

This year, according to Mr. Seymour, service will begin on AirTrain JFK, a light-rail system that will take travelers from midtown Manhattan to JFK International Airport in less than 40 minutes instead of the two hours or more the trip can now require. The agency also enhanced the Intelligent Transportation System at the George Washington Bridge so that travelers can get real-time traffic updates by telephone. And the important task of redeveloping downtown Manhattan also has begun.

“These projects represent just a sample of the critical regional transportation projects this agency has delivered,” Mr. Seymour said. “We will continue to deliver important projects that meet the needs of the New York-New Jersey region.”

Several significant contracts have been awarded so far this year, including $300 million for the restoration of PATH service linking downtown Manhattan to New Jersey and $46.1 million for deck rehabilitation, lead paint removal and repairs to the Lincoln Tunnel bus ramps and bridges.

In addition, contracts for taxiway rehabilitation at Newark International Airport, abutment rehabilitation on the Bayonne Bridge, and replacement of fire stand pipe at the Holland Tunnel, each valued at more than $20 million, are awaiting award.

More than $375 million in construction contracts will be awarded later this year, including the following significant contracts:

· Electrical and mechanical rehabilitation of ventilation buildings at the Holland Tunnel.

· Security elements of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) at the Lincoln and Holland tunnels.

· East End roadway improvements at LaGuardia Airport.

· Wharf extension crane rails and berth strengthening at the Howland Hook Marine Terminals.

Major construction projects that have been completed or will be put into service in 2002 include the AirTrain JFK light-rail system; the P4 Garage and new administration building at Newark International Airport; repainting and structural steel rehabilitation of the George Washington Bridge; toll plaza rehabilitation at the Lincoln Tunnel; and express rail track relocation at the Elizabeth Piers.

In addition to the construction contracts awarded by the agency, Port Authority tenants also have awarded contracts valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

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