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Date: Mar 27, 2014
Press Release Number: 66-2014

Agency will double number of noise monitors, establish aviation community roundtables and conduct extensive studies of noise issues for residents

The Port Authority is taking a multifaceted, comprehensive series of steps to work more closely with communities on addressing noise issues at its airports, while stepping up the review of noise data with the Federal Aviation Administration.

The agency's overall goal is to address noise concerns while supporting growth at JFK, Newark Liberty, LaGuardia and Teterboro airports, which annually generate $72 billion in economic activity, support more than 500,000 regional jobs and create $26 billion in wages.

"Catalyzed by Governor Cuomo's focus on this issue for New York's airports, the Port Authority has taken a big step in addressing noise surrounding all our airports," said Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye. "We are committed to working with all communities we operate in to address their concerns, while bringing our airports into the 21st Century and maintaining the viability of our airports as major economic engines for the metropolitan region."

"Residents of communities in both New York and New Jersey will be kept better informed about aircraft noise issues with these enhancements to the Port Authority's program that seek additional solutions to these longstanding concerns," said Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Deb Gramiccioni. "We are committed to listening to the concerns of residents around these airports and will continue to look to minimize noise impacts where possible."

"The Port Authority understands it must strive to be a good neighbor in the communities where its airports are located and we will seek noise mitigation with the FAA where feasible,' said Port Authority Aviation Director Thomas Bosco.


The Port Authority will commence aviation community roundtables with FAA officials and community representatives this spring, one each for JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports. The roundtable meetings will be held on a regularly scheduled basis and will provide an ongoing opportunity for the Port Authority, the FAA and the community to mutually seek ways to maintain open lines of communication and manage noise impacts. These roundtables also will provide communities input, information and ongoing updates during the separate Part 150 noise studies.

Teterboro Airport already has a longstanding noise group that meets quarterly with local officials, their representatives and Port Authority and FAA staff to seek ways to reduce aircraft noise impacts to the surrounding community.


Last fall, the Port Authority committed to Governor Cuomo's request that it conduct a Federal Airport Noise Compatibily Planning Part 150 Study to better evaluate noise impacts to the communities surrounding JFK and LaGuardia airports. The agency will hire an experienced aircraft noise consulting firm to assist with fulfilling the requirements of those studies, as well as engaging in similar explorations around Newark and Teterboro airports.

These efforts identify residences, schools/libraries, hospitals/nursing homes and places of worship adversely impacted by aircraft noise. The study takes public comment and provides official answers. It also recommends measures to mitigate excessive noise where possible and seeks to limit future development in potential problem areas.

Mitigation efforts taken at other airports that have done Part 150 studies include revamping of flight routes and approach procedures, encouraging airlines to use quieter aircraft and installing soundproofing to eligible properties. The overall goal is to provide noise relief to communities where possible and practical, while ensuring the continued regional economic benefits of air travel.


The Port Authority also is committed to doubling the existing portable noise monitors collecting data over flight paths for JFK, Newark, LaGuardia and Teterboro airports. This will allow placement in communities currently without monitors, as well as greater flexibility in moving monitors around key communities as needed to collect data.


Additionally, the agency has established a new Aviation Noise Office that will be staffed by a dedicated team, which will be responsible for collecting and reviewing the noise data, while also responding on an enhanced basis to community complaints.

The Port Authority has also streamlined its noise complaint hotline system at 800-225-1071, making it easier for residents to lodge specific complaints about aircraft noise.


Residents of communities near JFK, LaGuardia, Newark and Teterboro airports now can track planes and flight patterns on the Port Authority's new WebTrak system, which provides graphics identifying aircraft, decibel noise levels, altitudes, airspace location and origin and destination airports.

This informative feature will help residents better identify which planes and aircraft patterns are causing noise issues. WebTrak, already in use at some other U.S. airports, also allows individuals to log aircraft noise complaints while on the site. WebTrak is accessible at While the public now may file complaints on WebTrak, the public also can file noise complaints at

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