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Date: May 12, 2014
Press Release Number: 100-2014

Program means investment in future of maritime issues by helping students

The Port Authority announced today that it will join with regional maritime educational institutions to celebrate the May 12 launch of "Two States, One Port,' a campaign to promote the study of harbor and port issues for regional maritime students while also providing financing for studies aboard the 121-year-old Lettie G. Howard fishing vessel.

The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, New York Harbor Foundation and South Street Seaport Museum took part in an event today at Pier 25 in Lower Manhattan to highlight the work of high school students on the Lettie and provide guests with vessel tours.

The Port Authority, which operates the region's vast port network in New York and New Jersey, awarded $50,000 to the New York Harbor Foundation to help fund the return of Lettie G. Howard to the harbor as a hands-on educational institution for maritime students.

"The future and resiliency of our port operations depend on the expertise of our next generation of maritime managers and leaders,' said Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye. "That's why we've chosen to support this worthwhile program for students so they can serve as future ambassadors for the East Coast's busiest port."

Harbor School opened in September 2003 as New York City's only maritime high school and seeks to graduate students equipped with the skills and experience to become tomorrow's port industry managers. The school's students cultivated skills in managing the Lettie, as they seek to restore the vessel as an integral curriculum component.

Students played a major role in the restorations to the Lettie that took place in 2013, including repainting cabins, re-rigging the masts following a critical professional overhaul of the ship's main mast and keelson -- a below-water beam that fastens to the keel for added strength and rigidity.

"New York Harbor Foundation is proud to lead the re-launch of Lettie G. Howard, an 1893 fishing schooner owned and operated by the South Street Seaport Museum," said Murray Fisher, president of the foundation, which supports regional harbor programs. "With the support of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Lettie will be a powerful symbol promoting New York Harbor's role as a working port, productive estuary and recreational destination for the entire metropolitan area."

"Lettie G. Howard is a very special historic vessel with a very important role to play in the lives of these young people. There are lessons learned aboard a sail training vessel that are not easily learned anywhere else: unique teamwork and leadership lessons. It's a good program for the students, a good one for the vessel, and exemplifies the very best in maritime education, a critical theme for the Seaport Museum," said South Street Seaport Museum Interim President Captain Jonathan Boulware.

Purchased by the South Street Seaport Museum in 1968, Lettie -- a 125-foot-long Gloucester fishing schooner -- was designated a national historic landmark in 1989 and served as the sail-training vessel of Harbor School, traveling throughout the Port of New York and New Jersey and along the East Coast from 2003 to 2010.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Founded in 1921, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey builds, operates, and maintains many of the most important transportation and trade infrastructure assets in the country. The agency's network of aviation, ground, rail, and seaport facilities is among the busiest in the country, supports more than 550,000 regional jobs, and generates more than $23 billion in annual wages and $80 billion in annual economic activity. The Port Authority also owns and manages the 16-acre World Trade Center site, where construction crews are building the iconic One World Trade Center, which is now the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. The Port Authority receives no tax revenue from either the State of New York or New Jersey or from the City of New York. The agency raises the necessary funds for the improvement, construction or acquisition of its facilities primarily on its own credit. For more information, please visit

The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School is a public high school located on Governors Island, serving 430 students from all five boroughs of New York City. Harbor School offers a college-preparatory education built upon the city's maritime experience that instills in students the ethic of environmental stewardship and the skills associated with careers on the water. In addition to studying core academic content areas, students train in one of six career and technical education programs: Aquaculture, Marine Biology Research, Marine Systems Technology, Ocean Engineering, Professional Scuba Diving, and Vessel Operations.

The New York Harbor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that prepares New York City students for careers in marine science and technology through the restoration of New York Harbor. Specifically, the Harbor Foundation funds and manages mission-critical programs for Harbor School students to prepare them for success in college and careers through the restoration of their local marine environment. Through these efforts we cultivate and extend the ethic of maritime stewardship embodied in the Harbor School to the wider community.

South Street Seaport Museum is a non-profit cultural institution preserving and promoting the historic district of South Street Seaport in New York City. Founded on May 22, 1967, the South Street Seaport Museum (SSSM) is dedicated to telling the vital story of the foundation of New York and its link to its great natural harbor.

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