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Date: Jun 25, 2014
Press Release Number: 132-2014

Project would minimize flight delays, enhance airfield safety and reduce aircraft fuel consumption and emissions

The Port Authority's Board of Commissioners today approved $10.5 million to review the development of end-around taxiways at Newark Liberty International Airport, a project designed to enhance safety and reduce flight delays due to congested aircraft crossings on one of the airport's busiest runways. The Runway 4L-22R project includes $6.3 million in planning dollars for taxiway development and $4.2 million for professional services support.

The development of end-around taxiways into Newark Liberty's airfield operations would result in a reduction of average fuel burn through the related reduction in delays. The annual reduction is an estimated 987 metric tons of carbon dioxide and three metric tons of nitrogen oxides with the elimination of 13,127 pounds of fuel burned.

Currently, as arriving flights cross Newark Liberty's major departure runway, the flow of departures is interrupted to maintain safe aeronautical operations. Arriving aircraft are thus forced to queue on multiple taxiways at peak times, potentially leading to significant departure delays and environmental setbacks. Adding end-around taxiways would allow arrivals to head toward the gates unimpeded and speed departures by an average of 1.5 minutes per flight, which compounds cumulatively throughout the day into extensive savings of time.

"The Port Authority recognizes the efficient movement of aircraft is vital to the region's continued economic growth," said Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye. "Pursuing this investment would not only generate $26 million in savings in both direct costs and passengers' time, but also allow the agency to deliver on its commitment to sustainability and improving air quality around the region."

"Through careful planning, design and execution of Newark Liberty's end-around taxiways, the Port Authority seeks improvements that would help save travelers time," said Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Deb Gramiccioni. "By increasing the efficiency of ground operations, the agency is modernizing the movement of passengers and cargo, which will further spur economic activity throughout the region."

These improvements have the potential to reduce delays enough to accommodate up to an additional eight flights per hour, if the airport were not subject to the FAA's slot restrictions. At present, the FAA limits flights at Newark Liberty to 81 per hour from 6 a.m. to 10:59 p.m.

The Port Authority continues to encourage the FAA to re-evaluate the system of slot restrictions it has imposed at the Port Authority's three major airports, which are the only airports in the country subject to such restrictions other than Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. End-around taxiways allow the Port Authority's airports, which accommodated a record 112.5 passengers last year, to remain strong economic engines for the bi-state region.

The Board's latest authorization is consistent with prior and ongoing projects to improve airport safety and efficiency at Newark Liberty. Last month, the Port Authority finished the bulk of major runway repair work, including the replacement of critical taxiways and overhaul of lighting and electrical systems, ahead of a 60-day schedule.

In July 2013, the Board authorized the construction of four additional taxiways as part of the Runway 4L-22R rehabilitation project. In December 2011 and October 2012, the Board authorized the realignment of two taxiways and the construction of two high-speed taxiways as part of the rehabilitation of Runway 4R-22L and Taxiway P at New Jersey's largest airport.

With the addition of today's Board action, the Port Authority is cementing its commitment to improve safety on the airfield by reducing the risk of runway incursions and the potential for collisions between taxiing aircraft. Once the project is approved, the end-around taxiway project would generate 960 job-years, $71 million in wages and $316 million in regional economic activity over the project's life.

Serving more than 35 million fliers annually, Newark Liberty International Airport is a vital economic engine for the bi-state region, supporting more than 156,000 jobs, $8 billion in wages, and generating more than $22 billion annually in sales activity.

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