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Date: Nov 19, 2014
Press Release Number: 234-2014

Additional $2.42 Million will Allow Replacement of 80 Older Trucks Serving Port Terminals, Providing Significant Environmental Benefits

The Port Authority Board of Commissioners today approved the continuation of a successful environmental program that helps port truckers replace older, higher-polluting vehicles with newer, cleaner burning ones.

The Board approved an additional $2.42 million for the agency's Truck Replacement Program – which began in 2010 to provide a financial incentive to truckers toward the purchase of newer vehicles. The funds approved by the Board will help pay for the replacement of approximately 80 older trucks with 2007 or older engines. The newer trucks are projected to result in emission reductions of approximately 42 tons of particulate matter and 708 tons of nitrogen oxides over the lives of the replacement vehicles.

"This agency is committed to protecting the environment as we operate some of the region's most vital transportation infrastructure," said Port Authority Chairman John Degnan. "This program is a great example of the ways in which we can make our facilities more environmentally friendly at the same time we are increasing their economic development potential."

"As a good neighbor and good steward of the environment, the Port Authority's truck replacement program will go a long way in reducing harmful emissions from the hundreds of trucks that operate at our ports every day. Working with our federal partners and through the Port Authority's Clear Air Strategy for the Port program, we will continue to create a greener and more environmentally sustainable port in the New York and New Jersey region," said Port Authority Vice Chairman Scott Rechler.

The program approved today, funded by a $2 million federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant, will cover up to 50 percent of the cost of a new truck – up to a maximum of $25,000 per truck. To be eligible for the program, truckers must regularly call on Port Authority of New York and New Jersey marine terminals and commit to serving the port for at least five years.

Since the program began, the Port Authority has disbursed all of its federal grant money to replace 429 older trucks with newer models. The original $34.4 million program was a combined $8.6 million in federal grants that covered 25 percent of the replacement truck costs and $25.8 million in funds allocated by the Port Authority for low-interest loans, if needed, for the remaining 75 percent.

Since its inception, the Truck Replacement Program has resulted in an estimated annual emission reduction of 356 tons of nitrogen oxide and 14 tons of fine particulate matter, which represent roughly 70 and 64 percent reductions respectively in both pollutants.

In addition to the truck program, the Port Authority, through its Clean Air Strategy for the Port of New York and New Jersey, has implemented other emission reduction actions at its port facilities, including the investment of more than $600 million in environmentally friendly rail facilities at all of its port terminals – including the recently approved rail facility to serve Global Terminal in Jersey City – which are funded primarily through the agency's Cargo Facility Charge. In addition, the agency has provided incentives to modernize cargo-handling equipment and to encourage the use of low-sulfur fuel in ocean-going vessels as well as to attract the cleanest vessels to the port; and initiatives to retrofit port switcher locomotives with ultra low emitting GenSet engines.

The agency recently released a 2012 Multi-Facility Emissions Inventory that estimates air emissions generated in 2012 by port related sources associated with operations at Port Authority marine terminals on facilities leased to private tenants. The inventory reports an average 28 percent decrease in tons per year across all criteria air pollutants, when compared to the 2006 baseline emissions inventory, despite an 8.6 percent increase in cargo volume over the same period and decreases in nitrogen oxide (4%), fine particulate matter (11%) and sulfur dioxide (29%) when compared with the 2010 inventory.

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