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Date: Jan 16, 2015
Press Release Number: 5-2015

The Port Authority has selected three transportation experts with deep roots in managing the operations, customer service and long-term strategic planning of critical regional transportation assets to lead the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Lincoln Tunnel.

The new team includes Diannae Ehler, who will serve as the General Manager of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Lincoln Tunnel, Mark Schaff, who will assume the role of Assistant General Manager of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Gerard Lindenmeier, who will take over as Assistant General Manager of the Lincoln Tunnel.

“The Bus Terminal and the Lincoln Tunnel are two of the most vital transportation infrastructure assets in the world, and with the continued rapid growth in bus transit we must ensure that both facilities are working together as efficiently as possible in order to provide hundreds of thousands of daily commuters with a timely and convenient trip across the Hudson,” said Cedrick Fulton, Director of the Tunnels, Bridges, and Terminals Department at the Port Authority. “The entire agency is focused on improving the quality of the commute for 225,000 daily Bus Terminal customers through better on-time performance, building enhancements, and customer service improvements. I want to personally thank Diannae Ehler for agreeing to go back out into the field and manage those efforts on a daily basis, her expertise will be invaluable in working with Mark and Jerry to address Bus Terminal and Lincoln Tunnel issues in the short- and long-term.”

Since 2011, Diannae has served as the Deputy Director of the Tunnels, Bridges, and Terminals Department at the Port Authority. During that period, she has been a driving force for the successful implementation of numerous initiatives in staff development, labor relations, operations, security, and asset management throughout the department.  She has also been deeply involved in the Port Authority's recent "Quality of Commute" initiative at the Bus Terminal, which has resulted in better on-time performance and improved passenger facilities.

In order to oversee this and other important projects, Diannae will now assume direct responsibility for the operations of the Bus Terminal and Lincoln Tunnel, including the implementation of continuing improvements in bus operations, customer communications, and passenger amenities.  On behalf of the Tunnels, Bridges, and Terminals Department, Diannae will also oversee long-term planning for a new Port Authority Bus Terminal facility and for the replacement of the Lincoln Tunnel Helix.

Along with Diannae, the leadership team at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Lincoln Tunnel will include:

Mark Schaff, Assistant General Manager of the Port Authority Bus Terminal: Mark is a 30-year Port Authority veteran, and no one in the Port Authority knows more about trans-Hudson bus operations. His analytical skills and operations expertise provide a unique blend of abilities that will enable him to manage daily operations effectively and contribute significantly to planning future improvements to the Terminal and the interstate bus network. Mark has managed the Lincoln Tunnel Exclusive Bus Lane operation (XBL) for more than 20 years. His knowledge of the system is ideally suited to maximize opportunities for operational flexibility as we seek near-term bus operation improvements. Mark’s dedication to customer service and his business insights will make a difference to the 7,500 buses and 225,000 passengers who use the Bus Terminal each weekday.

Gerard Lindenmeier, Assistant General Manager of the Lincoln Tunnel: Jerry has held numerous leadership positions in the TB&T, PATH, and Aviation Departments during his 28-year tenure at the Port Authority. His experience, coupled with his background as an electrical engineer, positions Jerry to manage the day-to-day operations of the Lincoln Tunnel complex and work with Mark and Diannae to ensure both facilities work in tandem. Over the years, Jerry has distinguished himself as a consummate professional and trusted leader who can be counted on to balance operating demands and asset management activities, as capital projects are aligned with customer service requirements. Jerry’s work ethic, technical expertise, and management style make him the ideal choice to manage the Lincoln Tunnel.

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