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Date: Dec 07, 2017
Press Release Number: 221-2017

Board Investing More Than $376 Million to Improve PATH Services, Equipment and Facilities at a Time of Record-Setting Ridership

The Port Authority Board of Commissioners authorized a series of expenditures today to enhance PATH service, equipment and facilities throughout the system, including the purchase of 50 new rail cars, overhauling the current fleet to maintain state of good repair, as well as several Superstorm Sandy-related repair and replacement projects.

To better accommodate growing ridership demands, the board authorized the purchase of 50 rail cars from Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc., with an option to eventually acquire another 22 cars subject to further board action. The rail car acquisition is funded under a $150 million allocation in the Port Authority’s 10-year capital plan adopted earlier this year.

PATH ridership has increased steadily in recent years. In 2016, ridership reached a record 78.6 million passengers, and is expected to easily exceed 80 million this year, with an average weekday ridership of nearly 300,000 passengers. PATH also is working toward installation of a communications-based train control technology that will increase system-wide capacity, allow trains to run more frequently and efficiently and enhance passenger safety, while achieving Positive Train Control functionality by the federally mandated end of 2018 deadline.

The commissioners also approved $79.5 million to replace and rehabilitate key components of the railroad’s current fleet of 350 PA-5 rail cars, as part of PATH’s maintenance cycle to ensure a continuing state of good repair. An additional $60 million was authorized for an overhaul of essential rail car components.

In addition to the rail car purchase and maintenance allocations, the board approved the following PATH spending items:

  • $70.6 million for replacement and upgrade of PATH power substation No. 14, located at the railroad’s maintenance yard in Harrison. The authorization includes engineering and architectural costs for design and implementation. The existing substation was badly damaged in Superstorm Sandy.
  • $29.9 million for interlocking and track work at the Hoboken PATH station to repair extensive damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. Interlocking is a critical component for the operational flexibility and maneuvering of trains from two tunnel tracks to three stations tracks in Hoboken.

“Demand on the PATH system is growing significantly with each passing year. Today’s board votes to purchase new rail cars and provide critical repair and maintenance work will go a long way to ensuring that our PATH customers continue to receive the highest and most efficient level of service,” said Board Chairman Kevin O’Toole.

“The actions approved today provide the board with an important opportunity to improve our rail fleet for the foreseeable future and to make necessary repairs to restore the system in the wake of Superstorm Sandy,” said Port Authority Vice Chairman Jeffrey Lynford.

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