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Date: Oct 16, 2019
Press Release Number: 170-2019

AirTrain restroom size nearly tripled at Jamaica Station

New family restroom and larger stalls added to provide easier accessibility when traveling with family, children and luggage

Under Port Authority’s Project Clean initiative, satisfaction across all airports has increased to 85.1% based on reporting from feedback buttons added in each restroom

Today, the Port Authority announced the opening of new, spacious restrooms at the AirTrain JFK’s Jamaica Station. The new men’s and women’s restrooms are equipped with modern designs and are nearly three times as large as the previous restrooms, with wider stalls to account for travelers’ luggage. Both men’s and women’s rooms are equipped with changing tables for families traveling with small children. In addition, the Port Authority has added a spacious family-friendly restroom to provide more options for those traveling with family members of all ages.

As part of the Project Clean initiative, launched in early 2018, the Port Authority is committed to meeting its goal of upgrading every restroom across its facilities to meet 21st century standards. Feedback buttons have been added to all airport restrooms including the new restrooms opened today at AirTrain JFK to track cleanliness and customer satisfaction. As of yesterday, the average real time satisfaction rate from across all terminals and AirTrain station restrooms at all Port Authority airports was 85.1%.

“Clean bathrooms are an important aspect of travel that for too long were overlooked across our facilities; that’s changing,” said Kevin O’Toole, Chairman at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. “The Port Authority is committed to making investments like these at AirTrain JFK to give travelers a modern, 21st century customer experience.”

“The AirTrain JFK station at Jamaica is a major crossroads for customers coming and going from JFK. By completely transforming the restrooms and tripling their size with travelers in mind, we are making a tangible improvement to the experience of AirTrain passengers,” said Rick Cotton, Executive Director at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. “We’ve heard it straight from our customers: restrooms are a top priority. In addition to renovating restrooms across all Port Authority airports, we continue to invest in frequent cleaning services to assure good experience across all our facilities.”

Later this year, a New York City-inspired, permanent art installation will open at the AirTrain JFK bathrooms featuring the work of local artist Carlos Sandoval De Leon. In the site-specific installation, Mr. Sandoval De Leon strives to bring time and place to life using sculpted materials and found objects to evoke the history, symbols, and culture of New York City.

The upgrades to over 300 restrooms across Port Authority airports include the design and planning of dynamic new layouts and finishes with travelers’ needs in mind. The sinks feature an all-in-one user experience with individualized hands-free faucets, soap dispensers and hand-dryers, and shelves are provided throughout the restrooms to provide convenient, dry places for cell phones and other personal items.

As part of Project Clean, bathroom satisfaction is collected by real time feedback buttons in every restroom across our airport system. To date, the Port Authority has recorded 10,422,593 responses across all airport facilities. To ensure cleanliness issues are being addressed without delay, these feedback buttons provide real-time alerts to terminal operators, cleaning contractors and Port Authority staff when satisfaction falls below specified levels. The system is also monitored in real time via our airport operation centers. Additionally, the Port Authority developed and implemented its first-ever set of restroom standards for airport terminals in April of 2018. These new standards are based on industry research, best in class practices, changing demographics and are designed to exceed customer expectations.

In addition to the AirTrain JFK bathrooms at Jamaica Station, restroom upgrades by the terminal operator at JFK’s Terminal 1 have boosted satisfaction rates from 59 percent to 74 percent since the Project Clean program began.

Terminal 4 at JFK tops the Port Authority’s airport bathroom rankings with over 90 percent satisfaction due to remodeled restroom facilities, new aesthetic designs, baby changing tables in all restrooms, sound systems and other amenities.

At LaGuardia Airport, restrooms in the new Terminal B Eastern Concourse, which opened in December 2018, ranked above 93 percent satisfaction, up from 84 percent before the new concourse opened. In addition, the restrooms were selected as one of 10 finalists in Cintas’ annual competition to determine the best public bathroom in the country.

In Newark Terminal C’s Concourses 1 and 2, United Airlines is investing in restroom upgrades to be completed by the end of 2019, which will increase capacity by 20 percent. Additionally, United plans to invest in the construction of four new bathrooms (two male, two female – one pair in each concourse) to be completed by the end of 2020. This will add 10-13 percent capacity.

Between 2019 and 2020, the Port Authority will invest in upgrades to restrooms in Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal B. In addition, the terminal’s cleaning contract staff has been increased to improve satisfaction rates.

In addition to airport restroom improvements, restroom rehabilitations have been completed at The Port Authority Bus Terminal which included the demolition of all existing public restrooms and construction of new restroom fixtures, finishes, lighting, and appurtenances. As a result, the average satisfaction level for all bus terminal restrooms today is at 81 percent.

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