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Date: Jun 01, 2001
Press Release Number: 86-2001

The Port Authority and the City of Elizabeth signed an agreement today that marks a new era in cooperation between the Port Authority and Elizabeth. Elizabeth will be able to provide improved supplemental police and fire services to Newark International Airport and the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal, and lease land to the agency to expand airport parking. The Port Authority will provide the city with additional funds under an existing Community Development Fund agreement to upgrade and repair municipal infrastructure related to and benefiting Port Authority facilities.
The agreement was signed by Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Ronald Shiftan and Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage.

Port Authority Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg said, “The Port Authority and Elizabeth have reached an agreement that will benefit so many residents of the region. Today’s signing is important to Elizabeth, which will be able to add municipal services, but the benefits will also be felt by travelers who use Newark International Airport and shippers who use the Elizabeth Port Authority Marine Terminal. I congratulate officials at both the Port Authority and the City for an agreement that will mean so much to so many New Jersey residents.”

Elizabeth Mayor Bollwage said, “With the backing of the Union County Freeholders, and County Manager Mike LaPolla, we were able to negotiate an agreement that represents a milestone in relations between the Port Authority and the City of Elizabeth. We look forward to developing future partnerships and economic development with the Port Authority.”

Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Shiftan said, “The City and the region will see major benefits from this agreement. The city will use the additional revenue to, among other things, develop a new fire/emergency services complex that will provide improved supplemental service to Newark Airport and the Marine Terminal. And the region will benefit through additional police and fire support provided to the two facilities, and from a lease that will provide additional airport parking.”

The agreement consists of the following components:

· Given parking constraints at Newark International Airport, Elizabeth agreed to lease the Port Authority 10.1 acres located near Exit 13A of the New Jersey Turnpike for an initial period of 50 years. The property will initially be used to provide approximately 1,200 parking spaces for the airport, and eventually could be used for other airport-related development.

· The Port Authority will undertake a two-year feasibility study on extending a proposed Union County Light Rail line to Newark Airport.

· Pursuant to a prior agreement, the city vacated McLester Street and Bay Avenue in the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal, which will become a marine terminal highway under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority and will allow the Port Authority to build an overpass as part of its ExpressRail on-dock rail facility expansion.

· An amendment to the existing Community Development Agreement between Elizabeth and the Port Authority will increase the agency’s annual contribution to the fund from $1 million to $3 million. The city proposes to use the additional revenue for a fire headquarters, road resurfacing and reconstruction, a combined sewer overflow program and expansion and renovation of a police facility.

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