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Statement by Kayla Bergeron, Director of Media Relations, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey -- Re: New York Airports

Date: Jan 09, 2001
Press Release Number: 3-2001

City Hall\'s campaign for control of the New York airports has already cost New York taxpayers $275 million. And the meter is still running. Once again, City Hall is creating new work for lawyers and consultants instead of offering plans with any substance.
Here\'s the bottom line. The Port Authority is overseeing a $10 billion rebuilding of the New York airports, including dazzling new terminals, the AirTrain to JFK and a customer service plan unrivaled anywhere in the world. The agency will deliver what it has begun, and will meet its responsibility of operating the airports at least until 2015. Unfortunately, the Giuliani administration\'s intransigence has cost taxpayers real money.

Costs to New York Taxpayers

Revenue lost to New York City because $274,000,000 City Hall refused to accept higher payments offered by the Port Authority in 1994

Known consultant fees to date $600,000

Known legal fees paid to date $700,000

TOTAL $275,300,000

For $275 million, New York City could have paid for a lot of ball fields, school libraries, and new housing.

Approximately five years ago, the Port Authority approached the Mayor on behalf of the Governors and Board of Commissioners in the spirit of trying to renegotiate a new and substantially higher lease. The Mayor met that offer with an arbitration proceeding which is still ongoing. As we were then, we are now willing to sit down and renegotiate these leases.

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