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Stewart International Airport covers a wide catchment area, comprising 14 counties
in four states.



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The Breadth Of The Hudson Valley

As families and businesses continue to move to the more affordable mid-Hudson Valley, they will continue to require convenient air travel options closer to home.

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Who Lives In The Hudson Valley?

The Hudson Valley is home to a wealthy and growing population. The Estimated Buying Income alone is 10.9 percent higher than the New York State average. With a median area income that is 45 percent higher than the state average, the region’s prosperity is expected to grow annually at 13.4 percent into 2013.

With nearly two million people living in the area, the 2008-2013 population growth is projected at 5 percent (vs. 0.5 percent state average). The population is expected to grow at 10 times the New York State average.

Consistent with this growth, nearly 2.4 million passengers traveled through Stewart in 2008. We are already preparing to double this capacity within the next decade.

More details of our expansion plans can be accessed here.

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Business colleges

A Smart Choice

businesses colleges

The Hudson Valley area is home to thriving business and academic communities. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies such as IBM operate out of the Hudson Valley. The region is also home to biopharmaceutical companies, which number over 90.

Nearly than 30 colleges and universities, including such august institutions as Vassar College and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, are located in the Hudson Valley. These institutions are host to many Midwestern, West Coast and international students who flock to Stewart to get back home for the holidays.

For more info on colleges, click here.

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