flight capacity

Room To Spare

overhead stewart airport

Operating with two runways and seven gates, Stewart International Airport averages around 10 flights per day. Our terminal capacity could easily accommodate seven times our current volume. To look at it another way, we could easily handle an additional 2.8 million customers annually.

Stewart is poised to grow beyond our already robust facilities. With a keen eye on the future of the Hudson Valley and international expansion, the Port Authority is dedicated to improving Stewart International Airport as the region grows in economic prominence.

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taxi time

Low Taxi Time

taxi time plane on runway

Since taking over Stewart International Airport’s lease in 2007, we’ve worked to improve already low taxi times, by making technological investments and improving taxiway edge lighting systems.

Our airport is truly “easy in, easy out” and our efforts have resulted in shorter taxi times, reducing overall block hour cost. Our ground times are considerably lower in comparison to other area airports. Further infrastructure investments will be aimed at maintaining and improving our competitive position among area airports as traffic increases.

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landing fee

Landing Fees At 2008 Levels

landing fee

As an extra incentive for carriers to fly out of Stewart, we’ve frozen our landing fees at 2008 levels.

Landing fees are $1.20 per thousand pounds for Scheduled Passenger Airlines (as revised from time to time) and are payable for each landing of aircraft owned or operated by the airline at the airport. MGTW will be as certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. For more information, download a PDF of our rates here.

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customer satisfaction

Happy Travelers

customer satisfaction

In a 2011 customer satisfaction survey, Stewart scored high, with 94 percent of customers “highly satisfied” with their overall experience. What amenities drive them to love Stewart?

- Friendly and experienced Customer Care Representatives

- Parking across the street from the terminal

- Short lines and fast check-ins with 38 stations

- An easy-to-navigate terminal with top-notch amenities including concessions, ATM and Wi-Fi service

- Quick deplaning and baggage claim

- Car rental agencies right at the terminal

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airlines at stewart

Look Who’s Flying Out Of Stewart


Three airlines operate out of Stewart International Airport

JetBlue Airways
Operates nonstop services to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale.

Delta Connection
Operates nonstop services to both its Atlanta hub and Detroit hub with connections available.

US Airways Express
Operates nonstop service to Philadelphia hub, with connections available.

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