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SWF Air Service Incentive Program


Launching a new route comes with considerable risk, for both the airport and the airline.
To mitigate these risks, carriers launching new nonstop routes to destinations not
currently served by Stewart can take advantage of the airport’s expanded Air Service Incentive Program.

As part of this program, the Port Authority will pay up to $3 per departing seat offered by airlines on new nonstop routes, with the total benefit not to exceed $250,000 for international routes and $150,000 for domestic routes in the first full year of nonstop service. Additionally, the Port Authority will pay marketing and advertising support to publicize any new routes. Additional incentives will be provided in the second year of service. Participating carriers will also receive credits up to $525 per turn for ground handling service charges for year 1 and 2 on new domestic routes, and up to $900 per turn credit in year 1 and 2 on international routes.


Join The Incentive Program

Participate in the SWF Air Service Incentives Program by reaching out to:


Phone: 212-435-3735

To learn more about Stewart’s passenger options, click here.


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