Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Runway 4L-22R at JFK

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is committed to creating new ways to reduce delays at all of its airports. One significant way to address delays is to invest in infrastructure improvements that will enable our airports to handle more aircraft more efficiently.

Improving operational efficiency. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of Runway 4L-22R included installing high-speed taxiways. The completion of high-speed taxiways, in addition to the runway renovations finished in 2015, allows aircraft landing at JFK the ability to exit the runway faster. This will allow the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to utilize the airfield more efficiently to reduce delays.


Runway 4L-22R is a parallel runway that runs in a northeast-southwest direction on the eastern side of JFK airport, measures 11,351 feet long by 150 feet wide and handles about 25 percent of the airport operations annually.


The reconstruction and rehabilitation of Runway 4L-22R was a three-stage project that consisted of the following components:

  • constructing 728 feet of runway pavement on the north side of the runway to maintain departure length
  • widening the runway from 150 feet to 200 feet to comply with the needs of Group VI aircraft
  • rehabilitating the runway using concrete to replace existing asphalt
  • constructing high-speed taxiways
  • constructing new taxiway exits leadingto the Central Terminal Area, new taxiway access points to the north end of the runway, and other taxiway modifications 
  • relocating fences and Patrol Road
  • replacing and upgrading communications/navigational aid and electrical systems
  • updating flight procedures
  • relocating and improving water quality treatment devices 

The project, which was started in 2014, was completed in September 2015. It took place in three stages so that three runways were operational at all times. In an effort to minimize the need for concrete trucks to use major nearby highways, thus reducing traffic and emissions in the neighboring areas, a temporary concrete plant was located on site at JFK during the reconstruction and rehabilitation period.


The $292 million reconstruction and rehabilitation contract is funded by the Port Authority. This project will impact the regional economy with the creation of more than 2,460 jobs,  $146.9 million in wages, and nearly $712.3 million in economic activity.


Through extensive cooperation and coordination with the FAA and airlines operating at JFK, work was staged to minimize the impact on airport operations.

Construction began in July 2014 and continued through September 2015. Runway 4L-22R was closed throughout the Summer of 2015 in order to facilitate the completion of the project. With the exception of these closures, the airport maintained operation of three runways during the reconstruction and rehabilitation project.


JFK is the premier international gateway to the United States, with 70 carriers serving 100 international non-stop destinations and more than 400,000 aircraft operations. Other major projects currently taking place at the airport include a $200 million redevelopment of Terminals 5 and 6 by JetBlue Airways and a $1.2 billion redevelopment and expansion of Terminals 3 and 4 by Delta Air Lines.


Efforts by the Port Authority and more than 800 members of the National Alliance to Advance NextGen have moved our nation's airports closer to implementing a state-of-the-art satellite-based system of air traffic management that will greatly improve efficiency and safety in our airspace.

As a member of the national NextGen Advisory Committee, the Port Authority is protecting the interests of the region and ensuring that NextGen technologies, procedures, and operational enhancements are deployed at the Port Authority's airports.

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