Issuing Officer Information

Issuing Officers/Authorized Signatories are the primary point of contact between the Airport Security ID Office and companies for all Airport Security ID Card needs. They are responsible for justifying and determining what access and access levels are needed, and what endorsements and privileges are required for company employees.

Issuing Officers are responsible for:

  • Explaining the purpose of Airport Security ID Cards and the conditions and process of obtaining an Airport Security ID Card
  • Instructing all new or renewal applicants in the proper procedures for filling out the application form
  • Verifying accuracy of application and accompanying documents and signing an applicant’s Airport Security ID Card application
  • Scheduling all SIDA training/fingerprinting appointments
  • Review in detail with the applicant the responsibilities involved in being an Airport Security ID Cardholder
  • Notifying the Airport Security ID Office of terminations and revocations of company employees immediately
  • Serving as a liaison between the Airport Security ID Office and their company which includes distribution of notifications, memorandums and bulletins, fulfilling audits, assisting in investigations, and ensuring the company remains in compliance with all security regulations

Issuing Officers must undergo recurrent annual Issuing Officer training to be familiar with each type of Airport Security ID Card, the different designations/colors/endorsements/privileges and their meanings. Issuing Officers will justify and determine which privileges may be required for each applicant to perform his/her necessary job functions. Privileges should only be approved for applicants who provide a justified business need. Additionally, these privileges should be kept to an operational minimum.


Security Guard Trained (SG): Indicates the Airport Security ID Card holder has undergone the Port Authority’s Security Guard Training Program, and is qualified to conduct designated security functions related to the airport environment

Escort Persons: Allows the Airport Security ID Cardholder to escort individuals in secure areas of the airport.

Driver Endorsements: Allows the Airport ID Cardholder to drive on restricted areas within the Air Operations Area (AOA). 

Customs Seals: Allows the Airport Security ID Cardholder to work within customs bonded areas.

"A" Endorsement: For Armed Law Enforcement Officers only.

Failure to perform Issuing Officer responsibilities may result in revocation of Issuing Officer privileges and action by the Port Authority or the Transportation Security Administration.

Call Port Authority Police for:

JFK Emergencies:
(718) 244-4333

Newark and Teterboro Emergencies:
(973) 961-6666

LaGuardia Emergencies:
(718) 533-3911

For Anonymous Tips:
(800) 828-7273

Call New York State Police for:

Stewart Emergencies:
(845) 567-9257


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